Is Home Insurance A Enough Coverage For Your Mobile?

If you have a Smartphone, it may be almost imperative a thing to buy insurance for your mobile. Therefore, if you have a Smartphone or if you are just planning to buy a new one, it would be better to look for mobile insurance too. Gadget insurance have become quite popular, considering the fact that more number of high end and highly functional gadgets are being introduced almost every other day. In fact, the online providers are gaining importance too and one of the best providers in UK is Protect Your Bubble Smartphone insurance.

If you aren’t aware of the policies available, you can consider the simple fact that you have life insurance and health insurance. Other than this, you may have car insurance and travel insurance too. All of these are for insuring the money, rather than the thing against which the policy has been bought. Another very important insurance is the homeowner’s insurance. It helps secure the house and many other things within the house. Therefore, it is commonly considered that your mobile phone too may be covered through such a policy.

Is Home Insurance A Enough Coverage For Your Mobile?

If you have the coverage for the home contents, there is high possibility that the mobile phone is covered through the same. Therefore, before you can go on to buy a separate policy for your mobile and may be online (you can buy one from Protect Your Bubble insurance provider), it would be better to check with your network or insurer from whom you had bought the homeowner’s policy. However, in this case too there can be a problem.

According to the researchers, the coverage offered by the within home insurance may not always be enough and can also vary from one policy to the other. It can also depend on where the phone is kept within the home. That is, as long as your phone is within the home, it may well be under the coverage provided by any home insurance. However, nowadays most of the people work and if you too are one of them, you may have to carry along your mobile, in that case, not all of the home insurance policies may be enough to provide you coverage. Although, there are some insurers who may provide you coverage to a certain extent even if your phone is outside the home, but that is not the case with all of the policies.

Mark Greening of (provides comparison service) said that “If you have ‘away from home’ cover on your contents insurance, you may be able to claim on that if your phone is lost or stolen while you’re out.” He also added that “Away from home cover is an optional extra on most standard home contents policies, but it doesn’t necessarily add a lot to your premium if it doesn’t come as standard. It’s important that you check any single article limits that might apply to the policy.” If a policy is not too large, it may not help you cover the home if you carry it outside the home and if it gets damaged or lost.

So, you may have to opt for a higher coverage option, but that can cost you a lot more than what you may be required to pay if you obtain a simple home insurance policy. Therefore, Mr Greening goes on to say that “A relatively small claim of a few hundred pounds may have a knock-on effect on the cost of your household insurance, which could be substantially more expensive.” In comparison it may cost you less if you buy a mobile insurance policy. Furthermore, it will not only be less costly, but it may also be safer for your mobile. If you have a separate policy for your mobile, you may have coverage even if you carry it outside the home.

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