Importance Of An SSL Certificate For An Online Store

Importance Of An SSL Certificate For An Online Store

When we develop a shop project, one of the important issues is the assurance that the data are transmitted to a client security and confidentiality, and this information is not used inappropriately. Therefore, we must include in our online sales site such certificate that will bring peace and confidence to our customers.

THE SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol used for communication and data transfer between the user and the network is used to protect the transmission of confidential information and that no one else can handle it improperly.

Importance Of An SSL Certificate For An Online Store

Currently is the standard for secure communication in the major web browsers (HTTP protocol), such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc..

What is a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate ensures that sensitive information sent by the user online (website, shop …) to a server (web site with SSL support) is encrypted and thus not likely to be intercepted by unauthorized parties. The user operates with complete safety by providing your sensitive data in this environment.

How do we know if a Website has an SSL Certificate Protection under?

This can be seen with the naked eye in all major browsers. In the latest versions of web browsers address bar turns yellow.

The first is the prefix HTTP URL of the web page, switch to HTTPS (secure HTTP means). The second is that somewhere in the browser window (it depends on which browser you use) displays a padlock-shaped icon, click it to give a window with all SSL certificate data in question, and CA entity data that generated this certificate.

The security certificate is issued by a certification authority, after checking the correct configuration of the encryption process (SSL) and verified the data of the applicant. The secure server certificate is awarded to an entity whose references have been checked to ensure that the recipient of the encrypted data is indeed who should receive them.

At the time of checkout and provide personal information, you can check that estaas on a secure server.

On this page you can see how there is a padlock indicating that it is protected with SSL security certificate. This padlock will appear in all parts of this website where there is sensitive information. If you have online store you may use comodo positive ssl for your user data security.

The implementation protected sites with SSL certificates applicable to any organization of any size, from a micro business to a large company. It is absolutely essential functions and e-commerce websites, online stores, where you apply bank card data or confidential information. Therefore, all banks with online services have access to electronic banking protection under SSL certificates. Whenever payments are made through bank gateways, the bank is the one who ensures the security of the connection, and Web Shops bear no card number information so that the certificate is not required for payments. The same goes for other payment methods such as PayPal.

They are indispensable in via web access to private corporate networks or business. If your company does business online, it is almost certain in any of your web pages require the use of an SSL certificate.