How Will We Work 10 Years From Now?

Technology has drastically changed the way we work. Just think- 10 years ago working from home was something that phone physics did, not the everyday employee. 20 years ago people didn’t even have Internet or cell phones that can browse the web, download apps, or check emails. Imagine how work 10 years from now will impact our daily lives, and change the way we work on a daily basis. We can already see these changes today, and knowing what the future will bring can best help us be prepared to remain employed successfully tomorrow.

How Will We Work 10 Years From Now?
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Telecommuting is Growing by the Minute

13 years ago, telecommuting was something most people dreamed about. By 2005, over 9 million Americans reported telecommuting (working from home) for their main source of income, according to a survey done by Global Workplace Analytics. The reason for this is that companies are realizing the cost effectiveness of hiring employees to work out of their homes both in their host countries and beyond. All over the globe, companies are hiring telecommuters in vast amounts due to the savings of not having to build work places, having cheaper training, and better employee productivity and retention. Businesses from airline companies to hotels are hiring telecommuters for the convenience it provides.

Within the next 10 years, telecommuting is expected to increase at a rapid growth. People can prepare for this change today by incorporating telecommuting in their traditional job and by being open to a position from home should the opportunity arise.

Education is more Important than Ever

As jobs get weeded out and replaced by more technologically-based positions, it’s more important than ever for applicants to have a higher degree. Marketing, engineering, and medical degrees are in high demand and are expected to continue to rise in popularity, according to US.News. With more and more applicants applying for these well-paying jobs, applicants that want to get a leg up on their competition will be wise to increase their education as well as their experience.

Prepare today for a higher education by engaging in technical courses in any popular medical, business, or technology-based field. Change in technology will weed people out from current positions, and the saving grace will be seeking educational skills that benefit high-paying positions.

Know Social Media, SEO, and other Technology Trends

It’s true- every business and industry that wants to make money must understand social media, and this is a trend that is only going to increase in the future. A person who understands SEO techniques for page rankings and social media upgrades and trends (from Twitter to Face Time) are going to be worth their weight in gold. Don’t let yourself get stagnant because you don’t believe that Facebook is important in your career. In 10 years every business will be driven so strongly by the Internet that employees who don’t know how to manage a smartphone will become as obsolete as a typewriter. Even if you don’t think they matter now, stay on top of SEO techniques, social media and technology trends- they just may help you preserve a job in the best SEO firm one day.

Jobs change every single day. In 10 years, many of the jobs that people are doing today are going to become obsolete. Call Centers will be replaced by home workers, many medical and industrial positions may be replaced by robots. In staying in tune with educational opportunities, advancements in technology and social media, and by being open to telecommuting positions, a person can be most ready to take on the future and remain gainfully employed in the years to come. After all, only the strong survive in an increasingly competitive job market, and those who are the most prepared are the ones who are going to prevail.

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