How To Prepare For A Project Management Interview

How To Prepare For A Project Management Interview

Think you have what it takes to be a great project manager?  If you are in the market for a new employment opportunity in project management, you may have discovered the job market is very competitive.  With applicants competing over the same positions and possessing an array of skills, education, experience and knowledge, it can become very intimidating for applicants in this competitive job market.  As a result, it is important to ensure you put your best foot forward in enhancing your opportunities in landing your next job.

There’s no better way to land your next position in project management than by preparing yourself for the job interview. Preparing for an interview takes a combination of time, effort, practice and strategy.  However, when it comes to preparing for a project management interview, there are a few more techniques you will need to apply to ensure you provide a great first impression, demonstrate your abilities and are able to sell yourself within the interview.

How To Prepare For A Project Management Interview

Preparing for Your Project Management Interview

Through behavioral and situational questions, interviewers will be able to evaluate an applicant’s abilities and determine how well a candidate will be able to fulfill the objectives of the project.  Furthermore, within the recruitment process, applicants will be evaluated on their abilities to see a project through to completion, evaluated on project management competencies and the ability to fit into the culture of the organization.  After all, a project manager is very critical in carrying out key projects within an organization.  Businesses will dedicate a great deal of resources to departmental and organizational projects that will be significant to the overall functionality of a business. As a result, interviewers are tasked in making critical decisions in recruitment.  Oftentimes these conclusions regarding an applicant are based upon the delivery of information provided by the candidate.  Therefore, it is important to ensure you are prepared to demonstrate to recruiters that you are the best match for the position.  Here are a few tips to get you prepared for your project management interview:


Some key components in project management are the methods used to see a project through to completion.  Therefore, review your portfolio identifying aspects of your career experience which highlights your use of project management methodologies such as scheduling, the use of resources and project status updates.


Interview questions will be presented to inquire about software used to manage projects and determine technical competencies. Take time to brainstorm about the types of software you have used within your career.  Remember to be specific identifying programs such as MS Project.

Interpersonal Skills

It is important for interviewers to assess the interpersonal skills of project managers.  As a result, interviewees will be asked questions regarding abilities to work on a team, to better understand how you manage people, your style of managing projects and experience working with team members possessing opposing views.

Project Management Skills

Of course, project management specific skills and abilities will be discussed within the interview.  It is important to be well prepared to answer questions regarding your experience with business concepts such as supply chain management, matrix project management, experience coordinating with vendors, negotiation skills, experience managing projects and people, experience with project financials and deliverables.

Project Management Experience

Additionally, it is important to be prepared to answer questions regarding specific project management experience to include:  identifying project goals and objectives, project challenges, successes, failures, contingency planning and follow-up after project completion.  As a result, be sure to review your experience and identify specific examples you can discuss within your interview.

Within this ever changing job market, applicants are faced with many challenges in locating employment opportunities and being hired for the position.  In contrast, employers are confronted with many obstacles in recruitment efforts and identifying the most qualified candidate for the position.  Applying your basic interviewing skills such as researching the organization, becoming familiar with the position you are applying to and practicing interview questions with others, making sure your resume is stacked with accomplishments and “above and beyond” items like completing a leadership certificate, accompanied with the above simple project management interview techniques will assist you in outshining your competition.  Enhance your employment opportunities by ensuring you are well prepared for your project management interview.

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