How Robotics Technology Is Changing Everyday Life

How Robotics Technology Is Changing Everyday Life

There’s no denying that technology has completely changed the world around us. Still, when people think of technology these days, they are more apt to think of personal computers than robotics. It seems that robots are, in many peoples’ minds, still lumped in that category of technological advancements that belong somewhere in the future. But, is it possible that the future has arrived for robots? The simple answer is yes. Robotics technology is actually changing everyday life, right in this moment, and in a number of ways:’

How Robotics Technology Is Changing Everyday Life

Robotics for Health

Nowadays, doctors don’t have to cut you open to perform surgery on your inner workings, thanks to robotics. The idea is that good doctors can be even better doctors, and with more capabilities, if they have access to robotics that can streamline, balance, and execute the work surgeons must do in the operating room. Whether you know it or not, a growing number of modern hospitals are equipped with robotics that aid in everything from laparoscopic to gastric sleeve surgeries. Robotics can significantly reduce the amount of influence things like physical exertion and human inaccuracy have on the success of surgical procedures.

Robotics for Fun

Sure, robotics can help keep us healthy and provide us with a number of considerable conveniences, but they can also be a lot of fun. One San-Fransisco based company, called Anki, is setting out to prove that modern robotics have a place in every home, no matter how humble. The Anki DRIVE is a modern answer to yesterday’s popular slot car: a toy car remotely controlled via your smart phone. Priced at a mere $200, Anki DRIVE costs the equivalent of slot cars from the 1980s, but turns the concept (and the fun) up a notch. You can find more information about this new game online.

Fueling Advancements in Robotics

Perhaps because of the fact that the field of robotics is more accessible now than it used to be, a whole slew of programs are springing up to fuel advancement in robotics. As a matter of fact, it’s likely your very own children will face opportunities to leave their marks on the robotics industry . . . and that opportunity is likely to be in their schools. Scholastic programs like the VEX Robotics World Championship and the FIRST Robotics Competition are making robotics cool, for people of all ages, and with some exciting results.

Many people envision robots as computerized entities that walk and talk and call us “master.” However, robots can take on many forms and, although modern robotics is primarily concerned with adding ease and convenience to our lives, there is no one simple way of defining how robots might meet that objective. We are really only limited by our imaginations when it comes to developing and implementing robotic technology. Where do you think robotics will take us next?

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