How 4G Is Revolutionising Supermarket Shopping

How 4G Is Revolutionising Supermarket ShoppingNow that the UK is well on its way to having 4G mobile broadband all over the country, experts and analysts are now starting to predict how the superfast service will change the way we use our smartphones and tablets. The shopping experience, in particular, is expected to be completely revolutionised.

The introduction of 4G provides retailers with a number of new opportunities to engage shoppers, according to Telegraph tech writer David Phelan, who cites the supermarket Asda as a prime example of companies making the most of 4G.

Asda has come up with its own app for Android and Apple devices, including the new iPhone 5C, which allows customers to make shopping, order groceries for home delivery and even use a built-in scanner to add items at home to shopping lists. Only with the help of a fast 4G connection can barcodes be read, checked and updated as quickly as customers would like.  Another feature of the app is voice recognition, which works best with 4G speeds, and Asda is planning to add an in-store voice recognition feature to help customers to locate items in its supermarkets.

How 4G Is Revolutionising Supermarket ShoppingSuperfast 4G mobile technology has brought the revolution in the e-commerce industry in the UK for faster speed internet. Today’s shoppers spend lots of time to research product thorough their PC’s, smart phones, tablets before buying online. Using 4G’s shoppers can buying product about any where any time . Payment gateway makes its easy and more secure while shopping. 4G technology brings that the shopping is now faster than the fast fashion.

“Customers said they wanted to make sure they didn’t forget things because that’s the most annoying thing in the supermarket. So we’ve designed the app so they can add things to their list whenever items come to mind.”

Explaining why the supermarket chain decided to team up with EE – the operator which was the first to offer 4G in the UK and which now boasts some of the best iPhone contracts on the fastest network– to offer free in-store Wi-Fi services, Asda’s mobile innovation manager Matthew White said:

“We wanted to ensure people could reliably use their mobile devices in our stores,not only to help cement their loyalty but also to promote our multichannel offers and take advantage of other retail innovation opportunities.”

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