5 Essential Products That Will Increase The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse

It is the job of warehouse staff to pick and pack orders before sending them out to customers. It is essential that orders are picked correctly and sent out in time in order to maintain customer satisfaction. The key to efficient picking, packing and shipping is an organised warehouse. In this article we will provide you with information about five essential products which can help you to increase the efficiency of your warehouse.

5 Essential Products That Will Increase The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse

Using pallets and pallet racks is an efficient way to store and transport your stock.

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  1. Conveyor Rollers

Installing conveyor rollers in your warehouse will allow for easier and speedier transportation of goods. Conveyor rollers look like small metal tubes which are lined up next to each other and operated by a mechanism underneath. They require little power for operation and prevent employees from having to lift and carry products around the warehouse.  Conveyor rollers are a flexible solution and can be purchased in a variety of sizes to suit the needs and requirements of your warehouse.

  1. Racking Labels

Increasing the efficiency of your warehouse can be as simple as sticking labels on your pallet racks. By sticking numbered labels to your pallet racks you will make it easier for your pickers to find products, shortening the time it takes for them to pack and ship out orders. There are a variety of different labelling methods to choose from, depending on what works best for your warehouse. You can also choose from sticky labels, magnetic labels or pockets to put paper labels, depending on how often you need to re-label racks and shelving.

  1. Pallets

Pallets are an excellent way to store and transport your stock. They are usually made from wood or plastic and are designed to fit on conveyor belts and rollers. Today many warehouses opt for plastic pallets as they are thought to be more hygienic and are certainly easier to clean. If you plan on using pallets in your warehouse, then you may also want to invest in pallet racks, for easy storage. By stacking pallets you can minimise the space that your goods take up and make it easier for your staff to navigate your warehouse, helping to increase overall efficiency.

  1. Floor Signals

Floor signals are extremely useful in warehouses, especially when you have staff driving forklift trucks around your building. Creating designated routes for forklift trucks will not only increase efficiency (as you can ensure they take the shortest route possible) but will also improve safety, as staff will be aware that forklifts are being driven in certain areas of a warehouse. Floor signals also have a number of other purposes, such as ensuring that pallets are stacked the correct way round for easy retrieval.

  1. Packing Benches

If you are a business that focuses on quality and aesthetics then you will need to make sure that your products are packaged to a high standard. Well-packaged products will create a good impression on your customer and ensure that their items arrive in one piece. Packing products can be time consuming and messy, so it is essential that your employees carry out the task in an organised manner. In order to facilitate this you should install packing benches in your warehouse. Packing benches will provide your employees with a designated place where they can carry out the task of packing, preventing the items from getting mixed up with others.

5 Essential Products That Will Increase The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse

Using roller conveyors prevents your employees from having to lift and carry heavy stock around the warehouse.

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Other Ways to Increase Warehouse Efficiency

The five products mentioned in this article will all help to increase the efficiency of your warehouse and are all available at Workplace Depot. Another great way to improve efficiency is to ensure that your warehouse is kept clean and tidy. Make sure that you allocate time to clean your warehouse every week, as the cleaner it is, the easier it is for your employees to find products and send them out on time. A cleaner warehouse also makes for a safer working environment, which should be one of your top priorities along with efficiency.

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