Find The Ways To Unlock Samsung Galaxy

When you are planning to change your number when you are at the outside of the town then you can face some serious problem. You cannot use your new SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy without utilizing the process to unlock Samsung Galaxy. For that process there are couples of ways to do it with your Samsung Galaxy.

Find The Ways To Unlock Samsung Galaxy

You can unlock your phone by contacting your network provider. After contacting the provider you just need to request an unlock code for the process. But there have a problem also. The service provider would not supply the unlocking code until your contract is over. Besides this problem, you may also need to pay a specific amount of time with them. But no needs to worry, if your service provider does not supply the code, then try one of the other methods from the following.

You can also update your phone to solve the problem. But for that you need to check your device’s version by opening settings. When you have got it then scrolling to the bottom and select the option “About Device”. Always look for the android version number to find your desired version number. If all the process is done by you properly then your phone will attempt to update over the network automatically.

When you will choose the “SERVICE MENU” and after choosing that you will need to enter a code in the dialer is open in the following screen. After that, you need to enter the proper code to unlock it. After you successfully enter the code, an automated screen will automatically open the Service Mode Menu. From here you need to choose UMTS option and in this option you need to select the DEBUG SCREEN option. After that you need to PHONE CONTROL option and then the option named as NETWORK LOCK.

After selecting the option your phone will take a 30 seconds break from you and after that you need to select the NW LOCK NY DATA INITIALLIZ option. If you correctly do this method then your phone will reboot after 1 minute. And for that you would not receive any confirmation that the process really works on your mobile. And after whole process done the phone will not be prompted to enter an unlock code. Then you will be able to insert a new SIM after checking that your phone is running well and working properly.

You can also do it by using a website. Basically there are many website that can help you to solve this problem. They can really help you to unlock Samsung Galaxy. But when you are going to choose a site always read the review of these sites very carefully as it is most important part of checking the sites workability. For the unlocking process you should provide the IMEI number of your phone so it is very much necessary to collect the IMEI number of your phone at very beginning of the process by dialing *#06# from the dialer section of your phone.

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