Fed Up With Cold Callers? Take Action Now

Cold callers cause stress and depression to homeowners and tenants all over the nation. These telemarketers are making quite a nuisance of themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit down and take it. If you’re getting too many of these unwanted calls, you can take action now and make them stop for good.

Use a nuisance call blocker to stop cold callers

Learn Who’s Calling You

The first thing to do is make a record of all the cold callers. Note their telephone numbers; record the date and time of the calls; and, if possible, record the calls. You should ask the person on the other end of the phone for their name and the name of the company they work for. Never give any information about yourself, though. Many cold callers will ask you to confirm your name and address simply to get more details about you on their list; refuse every time.

Once you know who is calling you, take steps to be removed from their lists. You can do this by telephoning the firm and writing a letter with your request. Keep a record of the date and time you made your request to be removed so that you have evidence to show Ofcom if the firm continues to harass you.

Don’t Hand Out Your Phone Number

When filling out any forms, never list your phone number. Some forms demand to have your number, of course, in which case you must opt in or opt out of the marketing terms and conditions. You will find a box to check on most forms; sometimes you need to check the box if you don’t want to be called and sometimes you should check the box to say you do want to be called. Read the information next to the box carefully to make sure that you fill the form out correctly and stop the company from being able to call you for their marketing or from passing on your details to a third party.

Sign Up for the Telephone Preference Service

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service that you can register with. All UK companies have to screen their call lists against those registered; they cannot call anyone who is registered on the list. Although this service isn’t 100% effective and doesn’t stop a variety of cold callers, it is still worth getting your number registered. Just remember, you can still be contacted by sales teams from overseas, messages and recorded calls, market research companies, and debt collectors.

Screen Your Calls

You can use caller ID to screen all calls, so you don’t always have to answer your phone to find out who’s on the other end. You will need a phone that is compatible with caller ID services, but they are not expensive and can be bought in many shops and stores. Each time the phone rings, check to see if you recognise the number or not. You can then leave the phone ringing if it isn’t a number you recognise.

Block the Cold Callers

The most effective way to stop the cold callers and other unwanted calls is by using a nuisance call blocker. A blocker will stop all calls from coming through, such as those from marketers, salespeople, scams, and harassers. Your friends and family and any other important numbers will still be able to get through to your phone, but all unwanted numbers will be rejected.

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