Buying Top Quality Photography Equipment For Your Business

When it comes to photography, there are truly a wide variety of equipment that you can purchase. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you can purchase cameras, lenses, flashes, lighting accessories and even memory cards. As an aspiring photographer,  you need certain items to start your career or hobby, so here is some of the basic equipment that you will need.

Buying Top Quality Photography Equipment For Your Business

Bags & Cases

Bags are not only stylish accessories but they work to protect your valuable equipment. Choose between small or large bags, as well as those specially made for your camera make and model. You can also buy larger cases so that you can fit all your equipment inside, allowing you to carry everything with you wherever you go. Camera equipment needs to be protected at all times, so make sure that you choose a durable material and also one that is fully padded and reinforced.

Lenses & Flashes

Every photographer knows just how important a proper lens is; this will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Lenses can become quite expensive, depending on the camera you have, as well as the level of photography that you plan on pursuing. Some of the popular brands include Sony, Nikon and Canon. Camera flashes work to provide the perfect lighting for every shot, regardless of the environment you are shooting in. Some flashes can also provide continuous lighting to handle your exposure professionally.

Tripods & Monopods

Tripods are very handy as they allow you to mount your camera for a series of shots; you don’t have to manually point and carry the camera, making it very convenient and allowing you to get the perfect still shot. Tripods come in almost any length, size and material so you will always find one that is perfect for your needs. Monopods is simply a one-legged stand that can support your camera or other instrument.

In addition to the basic photography equipment above, you might need to buy additional cameras and this will depend on where you will be taking your photos. If you want to specialise in the ocean or marine life for example, you will need a reliable underwater camera. If you want to take studio quality photos, you might need equipment like light tents, lighting stands and backdrops.

Always make sure that you buy your photography equipment from a reputable supplier, especially if you are going to pursue professional photography. Speak to a sales consultant to find out what type of products you may need and always work within your allowed budget. is a well-known resource for photography, electronics and mobile devices in South Africa. Read more about photography at