Building Brand Differentiation And Leveraging Brand History

Building Brand Differentiation And Leveraging Brand History

Of all the companies in the world, only a few have a definitive ‘brand’. Some may employ branding techniques, which work to a greater or less extent, but most will rely on other marketing techniques to build their customer base and increase their market share. Those who manage to really engage with their customers will be able to increase their reach and win new customers without having to spend a fortune on their advertising.

Telling a Story

Every business has a story. For some, it will be the dream of an individual who puts their knowledge and expertise to good use to create a company that fills a gap in the market. For others it will be joining a thriving profession in order to benefit from the existing need for products or services which are in high demand. Others might be continuing a family tradition with skills and expertise that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Building Brand Differentiation And Leveraging Brand History

Leveraging History

For businesses which have a history that has shaped the way they work and the products or service that they offer, this could be a unique selling point; a reason for a potential customer to trust you; or simply an interesting tale that engages the imaginations of your target market. By using your company’s story in your marketing efforts, you are creating a bigger picture about the business behind the product, and if this has contributed to the company’s core values, design decisions and other salient features, then it should be used to your advantage.

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Building Brand Differentiation And Leveraging Brand History

Differentiating your Value Proposition

Even in a market flooded with competition, you can continue to win customers if you excel in the most important areas. If your competitors can offer lower prices than you, or better deals on their products, then find out what their customers believe to be lacking in their offering and make that your key selling point. You might guarantee the best customer service in the industry and strive to ensure that your staff are always providing the added value that makes their service worth paying a little extra for.

If you can offer your customers the very finest in quality, perhaps sourcing your ingredients or components from the leaders in the field or from established favorite suppliers, then this should play a central role in how you promote your business. Making sure that customers are aware of what makes you stand out from the crowd is an important part of differentiating your offering and helping to identify your business as a market leader.

Whatever makes your company unique, you should be emphasizing these factors in all brand communications, ensuring that your customers and potential customers are aware of what you can offer over and above others in the same field.

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