BlackBerry’s New Smartphone Into The Market

BlackBerry's New Smartphone Into The Market

BlackBerry one of the biggest smartphones ever which was once banned and then again reopened its sales into the market by introducing different types of smartphones including touch screen mobiles. This phone,BlackBerry, was the first ever smartphone and the one with greatest applications once upon a time. But now it was overtook by the Apple which is the greatest smartphone seller and the one with greatest applications ever in the smartphone era. But, BlackBerry is always a best mobile smartphone after Apple to say frankly. As of all the smartphone manufacturers, BlackBerry is also manufacturing high cost smartphones with touch screens. whereas, BlackBerry is famous for its BlackBerry Messenger which is the first messenger application in the era of mobile phone devices.

BlackBerry's New Smartphone Into The Market

Recently, BlackBerry have introduced a new smartphone device into the market, named as BlackBerry Z30 and its range is about 650 US dollars. Sunil Lalvani, the managing director of India at BlackBerry recently told that this mobile have some extraordinary features than any other smartphone. the features such as BlackBerry Hub, the awesome exceptional touch screen keyboard and the favorite industry leading browser.

Specifications of BlackBerry’s Z30

BlackBerry's New Smartphone Into The Market

This mobile,BlackBerry Z30 is one of the largest battery smartphone among all the BlackBerry smartphones with a display of 5 inch screen. BlackBerry Z30 has a Random Access Memory of two gigabytes, with an internal storage memory of sixteen gigabytes and can be expandable up to sixty four gigabytes. This smartphone device is designed with an eight megapixel rear camera and a two megapixel front camera. This extraordinary smartphone device is the ultimate smartphone device for the urban youth and designed by keeping them in mind about the features the urban youth are expecting for. This is a very special mobile smartphone device for the people who are looking for a bigger screen and a long lasting battery backup. The best user interface mobile and the best in class productivity mobile device ever in the history of BlackBerry smartphone devices.

As said by the manufactures and the users of BlackBerry Z30 that this smartphone has a 2880 milli ampere hours (mAh) with largest battery fixed in by the BlackBerry manufacturers which lasts for a long time till 25 hours. Hence this smartphone is more comfortable to the people who are most found of speaking in the mobile phones and playing all the time.

This device supports all the applications that are built by the BlackBerry manufacturers and even this device have larger display. This is a bit slim and designed sleek to hold proper and not to be slipped easily. This device have high sound capability than the rest of the BlackBerry mobile devices.

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