5 Impractical Phone Functions – Apple & Samsung on the List

Nowadays, the high-end smartphones like to build in some unique features to make themselves outstanding and to distinguish themselves with their competitors. For example, Samsung’s Multi Window allows you to do all the things you need to do during a call at once without switching apps; LG QTranslate can do real-time translation; iPhone 5S supports fingerprint scanning. However, some functions can only be called “Stunts” with less value in use. Now here is a look at the 5 stupid phone functions.

1. Amcus Dual Shot

Although some models like Samsung and LG take the Dual Shot function as a selling point, the actual effect of this function is disgraceful. In fact, your head icon just appears on the upper left corner in the picture suddenly with ugly borders. There is no practical value in use at all.

2. Dimensional Visual Experience

Though Android has supported many special screen effects, like 3D paging, the sense of dimension that iOS 7 creates truly make you “sick”. Although it claims that distinct and functional layers help create depth and establish hierarchy and order while the use of translucency provides a sense of context and place, with this effect, when you tilt the phone, it will make the flat icons look floating in the screen surface, making you feel dizzying. Fortunately, you can close this kind of special effects in the set.

3. Smart paging capability

Samsung smart phones are equipped with the “smart page” function, designed to allow users to use eye contact to control the browser paging without sliding screens. But the problem is that the identification precision of front-facing camera is still not so perfect that you need to significantly to bobbing your head to make the camera feel you, which makes people feel you are not normal.

4. HTC Zoe and Samsung Sound & Shot

HTC Zoe is a new paragraph function of HTC One for the first time, which allows users to take and share a short video. But unfortunately, this special format cannot support the mainstream social network, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +. It can only share the video to a dedicated web site which means that this is just the exclusive function of HTC mobile phone users. It seems sharing become meaningless.

Like HTC Zoe, though Samsung’s Sound & Shot function enables users to add sound to JPEG photos, it can only play on Samsung smartphones, not able to share.
Well, it is a sharing era now. There is no fun if we cannot share with friends. Speaking of this, I cannot help complaining that sharing flash .swf can be so difficult. Firstly, smartphones cannot play .swf files; secondly, YouTube don’t accept .swf format. Well, now I can only convert Mac SWF to MP4 format first with iOrgSoft SWF to MP4 Software and then manage to playback and sharing.

5. Smart Stay

Smart Stay is still one of the smartest operations that Samsung provides. It allows the phone identify you in the eye and then manage to the function that “automatically pause when eyes leave and play when eyes back”. In the same way, recognition rate is a big problem. When you find you have to stare at the screen a half minutes to play the video again, you will say to click on the screen button directly is more convenient.