4 Ways For Your Company to Start Thinking and Acting Greener

There are a number of ways in which the modern business can streamline its efforts to be greener, from automatic meter reading to the lease or purchase of fleet vehicles which are kinder to the environment. The good news for the green lobby is that, at last, the vast majority of firms in all sectors are willingly agreeing to think and act more responsibly now.

It’s a fact of the 21st century that all of us, national governments, local authorities, business organisations and individuals, have to be greener in everything we do. If your company is currently looking at ways to improve its carbon footprint and do its bit for the planet, here are four suggestions which could make a genuine difference in the greater scheme of things.

Recycling schemes within the workplace

Your company may already be recycling old paper around the office, perhaps, but are you aware of all the other items which can also be recycled? They include aluminium drinks cans, ink and toner cartridges, packaging, glass and even computers. First-time recyclers are often surprised by just how many different items don’t need to be simply thrown away.

Making the most of hybrid auto technology

A large number of companies purchase or lease fleets of cars, and in many cases these vehicles are only ever intended for short journeys. These autos in particular could perhaps be replaced by hybrid cars which are powered by a combination of traditional petrol and an electric battery. The benefits for the planet are obvious and should not be underestimated.

Saving money and resources via automatic meter reading

Most business owners will be a little wary of greener gains that cost a lot of money, but when one comes along that can actually save cash it needs to be taken seriously. With automatic meter reading, companies of all sizes can constantly monitor their energy usage, enabling them to pinpoint where their money, and therefore their relevant energy use, is being spent.

Appoint an environmental representative within the company

It’s a good idea to involve employees from every level and every department in the drive towards greener actions. Such a responsibility can bring benefits both to the firm and to the worker, and many managers and directors are surprised at just how innovative and knowledgeable their people can become. And it’s a good way to improve relations, too.