You Can Access Your Data Using Acrinics TrueImage Over Your Smartphone

You Can Access Your Data Using Acrinics True Image Over Your Smartphone

Are you using multiple systems to store your duplicate or multiple amounts of data from loosing it? Are you afraid of loosing your data from various issues like system crash, natural disasters, theft or from any virus issues? Are you thinking of any solution to backup your data before loosing it? To solve your doubts and rectify your problems, Acronis have brought you a different solution for all the issues you have been worrying of. Acronis have developed a new product to protect all your data from loosing or getting infected by any thefts or threats.

Acronis new Product TrueImage

You Can Access Your Data Using Acrinics TrueImage Over Your Smartphone

Acronis new product none other than TrueImage is designed to protect all your data such as photos, music, documents, mail, programs, contacts, calendars, videos, personal settings and including all your applications. This Acronis TrueImage will store all your data and content in a secure online location and synchronizes it with all your devices. This product, Acronis TrueImage is very safe, reliable and easy to use. It even allows up to 5GB of free ultra secure cloud storage for one year. If you need extra storage facility you need to buy for the space in the Acronis available with in the product or application. We can even share the files to another system by providing the destination address.

For example, if you edit a file in your computer and which is in connect with your office laptop using cloud then that file be awaiting for you to edit in the office with in no time. There is no need of backup each time you modify your files or documents. It will automatically backup all your files and documents so, that it will reduce the disk storage and saves lot of time for you.

You Can Access Your Data Using Acrinics TrueImage Over Your Smartphone

Once you synchronize all your data using Acronis TrueImage, then it will display on all the device running Acronis TrueImage including your smartphone devices such as Android and iOS which is free application for the device running with iOS and Android. If you have backup all your devices and want to restore your devices to an earlier version, then the Acronis TrueImage will let you to restore to the previous version of your device including to which date and time you want to restore to.

The Acronis TrueImage will even let you to store your entire data what ever present on your computer, including operating system into a local storage and the cloud storage. This product will provide dual protection for the entire device if in case a local storage or backup is either damaged, lost or stolen.

The Acronis TrueImage is not only compatible with up to Windows 7 operating system but also certified that it is compatible with Windows 8 operating system. So, this application is not only available for iOS and Android devices but also to all the Windows smartphone devices like Nokia Lumia.

It is sure that the Acronis TrueImage is not only used to synchronize the data to your ccomputer and smartphone devices but also to the pen drives or even CD’s and DVD’s.