What You Can Do With Your Business Degree

What You Can Do With Your Business Degree

The words “Business Degree” and “MBA” tend to conjure thoughts of power suit donning stock brokers, financial managers, bankers, marketing gurus, consultants, accountants, and executives, but in this new era where every skill is needed everywhere, those are no longer the only fields that are in search of business degree-bearing candidates; we have listed a few of the unorthodox things that you can do with your business degree below:

Get an Information Technology Job

As the heads of organizations begin to realize the value of efficiency in all facets of business, they are increasingly searching for candidates with business knowledge—specifically knowledge about how to analytically determine the most efficient way to squeeze every penny possible out of business operations—for everything. IT is more highly impacted than most other fields by this shift in hiring practices, because many IT roles focus on project management, increasing value, efficiency, and reducing cost; even if you don’t have tech experience, many companies are willing forgo hiring that recent computer science grad to teach you the basics of information technology. Phillips, for example, is requiring that candidates for certain IT positions have an MBA. It is a lot less expensive for a company to show employees how to manipulate their computers than it is to teach them the project management and analysis skills that are taught in business school.

Become an Educator

What You Can Do With Your Business Degree

Many grade schools are now actively searching for people with business degrees; educators are starting to understand the importance of teaching students basic business knowhow to be successful in the modern world, and that is why thousands of schools are adding courses, programs, and entire departments dedicated to teaching students basic finance, accounting, and management skills, and business programs need business teachers. Many schools also acknowledge that the math taught in business degree programs is adequate enough to qualify business majors as math teachers, and with a huge need for math teachers, there is sure to be an opening in a school nearby. Most school districts have a simple certification process that will have you teaching in no time. Also, for advancement opportunities, you will have a leg up as principals and superintendents are expected to have those leadership and project management taught in business school. A business degree can also be used to teach college.

Start your Own Business

This may seem like an obvious choice, but many business majors considering entrepreneurship struggle with starting a business in a field that they may not be an expert in, but if you are a business graduate considering starting a graphic design business, for example, you could do some networking in the industry and partner with a competent graphic designer with entrepreneurial ambition without the business knowledge that you have.

As the world continues to focus more on the importance of analysis and project management, the opportunities for a business graduate will become increasingly varied.


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