What CIOs Should be Thinking About

The importance of the Chief Information Officer position and doing the job correctly as to not face information loss / informational crisises is growing as businesses face  the hard fact that information technology has become a vital part of the whole business ordeal. The days of data and information flow management on the paper sheet are gone by long and in order to be able to stay as competitive and as relevant to the business world a company needs its own Chief Information Officer, this is a clearly understandable and easy to testify fact.

But what if the Chief Information Officers lose focus? Today, we are going to write about what the Chief Informational Officers are to focus in order to improve and maintain the overall informational production and handling in the company.

Bring Innovation Back

First of all, We would like to begin with the lack of innovation in the informational charter.  Right now it is pretty much clear that we’re short on innovation in IT. Inside the last several years most of the ‘successful’ projects in IT have been cost cutting  and, frankly, there have been too few incentives for CIOs to drive innovation given the emphasis on cost cutting, but the economy is making a shift around. Cash is inexpensive right now, which means that organizations that aren’t afraid to spend can be fierce competition to established companies. What we need the sight of  a return of IT leaders who will swing the balance of the IT project portfolio from maintenance to creation and trim to innovation and growth. Time and again we see the Chief Information Officers that are horrified with idea idea of being labeled the ‘CI-No,’ yet their maintainance operations are high.

The Cloud is Your Friend

Chief Informational Officers who make use of the cloud as a tool will see an overall improvement in the performance of creating, obtaining, maintaining and getting rid of data, as there has been a huge amount of work in making the cloud more performant in accesses than if you used a non cloud solution for your information storage. The cloud will also enable a way to securely provide and acquire information in in-company communications giving Chief Informational Officers a much greater amount of control, plus it will improve companies overall outside view as being a modern, up-to-date, and innovative solution implementing company.

Ability to step out of IT

The opposite of losing focus is having too much  focus on a single thing and not being able to expand your growth into other areas at the same time. We are going to give an example the CIO, Clive Haswell Standard Chartered Bank as we read in His Bio that he has helped the company he is activating in to build affiliating businesses and banks over twenty countries and manage a team of people with a growth of 120$ Million dollars in a year. We see a good example of stepping out of the maintaince and operational craze as he used his leadership capabilities to provide growth to the company outside of the Information Technology field.

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