Upcoming Must Buy E-Books Of 2014

With all the hoo-ha about whether paper is better than digital, it’s a safe bet that you know what e-books are. Kindles and other e-readers have put traditional books in the shadows, making books more convenient and easier to buy. However, they’ve now gone a step further, by adding interactivity to the list. While there are augmented reality apps that allow you to enjoy paper books in a different way, technology is creeping up again and adding augmented reality technology to its formidable arsenal. So, what are the e-books you need to keep your eyes peeled for in 2014?

Upcoming Must Buy E-Books Of 2014

1) Look and Cook

  On the face of it, this looks like just another cookery e-book. Oh, how wrong you are! As well as giving you step-by-step instructions and lovely videos to help you navigate the culinary seas, you can also activate the voice function, so that you don’t have to get your iPad screen all sticky. 

  Look and Cook also helps you plan menus and ensures that what you’re cooking ends up looking like it does in the pictures. There’s even a facility to source and order the right ingredients online.

2) Interactive e-books are Perfect for Younger Readers

  It’s no longer about just trying to follow the words – there are pictures, animations and puzzles to get to grips with too. The Great Cookie Thief brings thatSesame Streetfavourite, the Cookie Monster, into your home.

  It’s not just about fun and games – although there is plenty of that too! In order to find the cookie thief, readers have to follow the story and use their observational skills to bring the dastardly biscuit-nabber to justice. There’s even an artistic slant thrown in, as readers get to create their own ‘wanted’ posters to help nail the bad guy.

3) Guinness World Records

  To accompany the release of the book of Guinness World Records on Kindle, those clever GWR folk are releasing a series of three themed e-books, so that you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of record-breaking.

  Awesome Animals, Incredible People and Colossal Constructions allow you to choose which area of record attempts you’re interested in and get immersed.It might surprise you to know that these e-books are free, considering the technology that’s gone into making them so supremely interactive.

  Along with the amazing videos that show you how these world records were   achieved, each comes with a set of 10 free collectors cards that can be swapped and traded with your mates. There are different cards available with each e-book, so the fun and information don’t have to stop once you’ve switched your iPad off.

  The combination of sleek videos and engaging animation makes these e-books more than just something to read. They’re something to lose yourself in and soak up information without even realizing. In addition, the records are hot-off-the-press, so you know that the records you’re reading about are current and haven’t just been broken. Definitely a must-have for existing fans of the book, who want that little bit extra, and for those who are new to the wonderful world of record-breaking.

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