Typical Services Offered By Calibration Experts

Typical Services Offered By Calibration Experts

Calibration of equipment is a critical industry practice that every company must undertake. While some companies prefer to conduct calibration using an in-house team, the costs may be too high or the technical expertise may be lacking in other businesses. In these cases, a calibration company comes in handy.

Calibration is a collection of techniques used in the adjustment and evaluation of the accuracy of an instrument or device in comparison with an established standard. All instruments used in quantitative measurements must undergo calibration not only to win customer confidence but also to comply with set industry standards and regulatory requirements. The necessity of calibration services is similar to that of insurance policies.

 Typical Services Offered By Calibration Experts

Since calibration is not a trial and error process, the companies and firms that undertake such services must be trained and competent; there are no short-cuts for doing it well. The impacts of measuring equipment are far reaching and even shape decision making processes; faulty instruments can, as a result, lead to erroneous courses of action. Every industry is affected by calibrations in one way or another, which means that calibration services are a cross-industry practice. What kind of services should an individual expect from these companies?

There are a number of services that these companies offer.  To highlight just a few:

Electronics and Electrical Calibration Services

All electrical equipment used in measurements need to be calibrated. It is normal for electrical components and instruments to drift with age, especially when exposed to damaging and stressing conditions. With time these instruments lose their initial accuracy, are defaced, which could result in an erroneous conclusion. This means that they need to be calibrated from time to time so as to maintain their correctness. Calibration of electrical and electronic equipments helps to align them to the standard of accuracy, ensuring consistency of results delivered. This concerns equipment such as clamp meters, power meters and signal analyzers, amongst many others.

Pressure Calibration Services

Pressure equipment must be calibrated to enhance its performance. Some devices companies purchase are often modified and consequently need calibration if they are to function properly. There are calibration companies that specialize in the calibration of pressure equipment, while others offer other types of calibration too. For best and most accurate results, ensure that the company you opt for complies with standard ISO 9001. This standard has all the protocols that should be adhered to in order to reliably calibrate pressure equipment. There is a variety of pressure equipment that needs to be calibrated, including pressure gauges, Mano meters and vacuum gauges.

Temperature Calibration Services

Temperature is a very sensitive component, and thus you cannot afford for it to be measured inaccurately. The instruments charged with the measurement of temperature need to have regular calibrations if the results and data that will be derived from them are to be depended upon. The calibration company will work towards attaining the industry standard 4:1 accuracy ratio as they calibrate the various temperature devices. This ratio is difficult to maintain  on modern equipment. Calibration companies have the needed experience in handling calibrations of temperature equipment and can either do so on site or pick up the equipment for calibration at their facility. Equipment in this category may include RTD probes, thermometers, and sterilizers.

Laboratory Calibration Services

Laboratories play a key role in research studies and chemical analysis. These are critical processes that need the right quantitative analyses and results. The instruments used therefore need to be marked well so as to give the right results. Taking the educational institutions’ laboratories as an example, the pipette and the measuring cylinders that are used for chemical reactions need to be accurately calibrated so as to measure the right quantities of the reagents. Incorrect quantities as a result of faulty measuring instruments can not only cost a student their grade but also ruin a career. Companies that offer calibration services covering laboratory equipment have the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver the expected results.

Medical Calibration Services

The medical field is one of the priorities areas as far as the discipline of calibration is concerned. Almost every process within the medical field needs the intervention of calibrated equipment. At times, the reliability of the measuring equipment is what may determine whether a life will be lost or saved. Calibration companies in recognition of this fact have come up with a separate devision dealing only with the calibration of medical equipment. The teams charged with that responsibility are usually highly trained and equipped with the right resources to handle the project. Through their services, equipment such as clinical thermometers, scales, pinch gauges and many others are successfully and accurately calibrated.

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Olivia is a technical advisor to the Zenith Sales & Calibrations team. She has completed her Master degree on computer science and started her career as engineer. Because of her calibration expertise, she is often invited to speak on behalf of calibration companies during industry-wide meetings and consultative forums. She is also a writer and has played an editorial role in many periodicals that circulate in the calibration industry.