Tracking the Power of Social Media to Change Our World

Social media is now considered as a global mainstream for communication. Through their various engaging features, they become part of modern civilizations as they give each person the chance to interact with other all over the universe. There has been the rise of numerous social networking platforms that helped others improve their own social experiences.

Social Media

The Trends for 2013

Just when you thought everything has stayed the same, social networking sites continue to enhance their features to improve user experience. The following are trends which network fanatics should watch out for:

  • Blogging turned micro

Blogging turned into becoming more micro according to Jill Nadorlik. This means that it has become shorter as compared to messages that are posted on Twitter. This trend reveals nothing more than the fact that people are now turning their backs away from the keyboard and are more bound to sharing their videos and photos through mobile devices.

  • King is seen with Images

Visual content has become the king in most social networking sites. Users are more bound to express their thoughts and opinions through pictures and other kinds of images. Visual features of Vine and Instagram have allowed most people to earn the attention of their followers and friends.

  • Video marketing on the rise

Youtube has experienced a wonderful growth in revenues for the year 2013 as businessmen are geared to using videos as their main marketing tool.

  • Search and social fused

Google is now indexing Facebook status that is posted by users. Searchmetrics has conducted a study that revealed the most important technique for search engine optimization is the ones associated with social media. Back links are still known to be essential in organic ranking and yet social media activities are now the greatest indicators of organic ranking success.

  • Monetization opportunities

Gone were the days when freelance writing is considered as the main source of online income. Now, social media posts and updates can already be used as a major form of online money.

Government Office on Instagram

Because social networking sites are most likely to influence the opinions and views of people all over the world, government offices and departments are now geared to joining the trend. Just recently, the United States Department managed to create its own Instagram account in addition to what is already built on Facebook, Google+, Flickr, twitter and Tumblr. According to a press release from the said US government agency, the account on Instagram is aimed at informing the public about the Secretary’s travels and the behind-the-scenes photos of those overseas and domestic activities conducted by the agency.

The inclusion of politics in social networking sites may have been both an advantage and disadvantage to the public. Political analysts have already predicted the chances for these politicians to make use of the sites as their own campaign platform.  They could just set up an account and advertise all of the things they are bound to do for public service.