Three Top Tips For Marketing Your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to launching your ecommerce store, the main thing you need to be thinking about is how you’re going to market it and how you’re going to drive traffic, sales and conversions. It’s all well and good having an ecommerce store live, however if no one knows it’s there, you won’t receive any traffic and you won’t make those all important sales to keep afloat. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with leading SEO agency, Speedy SEO, to bring you three tips on how you can market your brand new ecommerce store online. Through a combination of different approaches using different digital marketing methods and techniques, you’ll see yourself relatively quickly generate traction for your store and see both traffic and conversions grow, generating a decent revenue which will keep your store online in the ever competitive marketplace.

Firstly, in order to drive targeted traffic almost instantly, you need to set up a PPC campaign. If it’s a big store, perhaps consider running dynamic ads as well as targeted standard text ads and perhaps at first consider using only the search network, leaving display until you’re a little more established. The likes of product listing ads can very quickly see your products appear on the Google shopping results and again see some great levels of targeted traffic sent to your site, improving your chances of a conversion.

Secondly, an absolute must for any ecommerce store is SEO. Although it can take 6 months or more to start seeing traffic driving positions, the earlier you start a campaign the better and the sooner you’ll see yourself in those top spots. When it comes to ecommerce, optimising your products will often see you appear highly for long tail product searches relatively quickly and will, of course, continue to grow as the SEO campaign increases the authority of your site. SEO isn’t going to produce instant results, but in the long term, it’s probably the most valuable form of digital marketing you can engage in.

Thirdly, and equally as important in 2013 is social media marketing. By building up a strong presence on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as taking the time to interact with your followers on those platforms, you’ll see a slightly different side to online marketing and will be likely to see a community built up around your brand and products. Social media is an exceptionally powerful tool for online marketers, webmasters and business owners and many have still not jumped on the band wagon and aren’t using it effectively. Turn yourself into not only a sales page but also a news page and hub, utilising the likes of your own blog to power your social media sites, giving your audience useful information which keeps them not only coming back time and time again but will also encourage them to share with their own connections when appropriate content is poster.

Above all, the marketing of an ecommerce store is perhaps even more vital than a portfolio or service site as, when it comes to ecommerce, you’re almost exclusively relying on online traffic generation to drive sales to your store. More often than not, you may not have a bricks and mortar store to support the online business and, as such, the ecommerce store needs to start delivering a profit as quickly as possible. Of course, there’s many other forms of online marketing you could use to drive traffic to your site, however the above is the three which we believe to be the most valuable in terms of building your brand and business online and driving a profit as quickly as possible.

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