The Top 5 Ways Companies Can Prevent Worker Unhappiness

The Top Five Ways Companies Can Prevent Worker Unhappiness

Are you finding that production is down in your office? You walk into the office and there isn’t the same morale that there once was. Memos are filled with passive aggressive language and everyone rushes out the door at 5. If this is the case, you’re not alone. Many companies of all sizes and industries face unhappy employees from time to time, but these unhappy employees can create a toxic work environment. Those who can aggressively alter the work environment to address the low morale are those that will succeed and retain a happy workforce. So what are some concerns workers have to make them unhappy?

The Top Five Ways Companies Can Prevent Worker Unhappiness

A recent poll was featured on a Huffington Post blog post by Ilya Pozin, which showcased some of the most common reasons why people hate their jobs. Here were the top ten reasons cited by participants of the poll:

  • The work environment is better somewhere else
  • Lack of company values
  • They don’t feel valued
  • Job insecurity
  • No way to move up the company ladder
  • The pay stinks
  • Too much red tape
  • The job is too easy
  • Lack of passion
  • Terrible management

Luckily, in most instances, there are ways to fix all of these problems. If you find that your employees are not happy, and it’s affecting their performance, and therefore, your bottom line, here are some things to ways to facilitate a change:

Look Into Hiring Talent Management Services

Let’s say an employee comes in every day, and they know nothing special is going to happen. This is the Peter Gibbons scenario. They have no motivation to move up the ladder, so they do just enough to not get fired. A talent management consulting service can work with managers and owners to develop career mapping, so employees know that there is upward mobility if they work hard enough.

Increase Incentives

Take a look at whether or not you’re paying your employees enough, or if there needs to be an improvement in this area. Although money certainly isn’t the main motivation for many employees, those that can’t even pay their bills are not going to be the happiest workers. We are seeing a backlash right now from many fast food workers who are demanding better pay as they can’t live off of minimum wage.

Take Some Causes

One of the biggest reasons many workers choose where they work is through the philanthropic efforts of the company. Employees want to feel proud of where they work and be part of an organization that shares some of the same values that they do. Donate and organize causes that coincide with those that your employees care about.

Allow For a Flex Day Once a Week If Possible

One of the worst parts of any employee’s day is the commute. If it is possible for an employee to take a day a week from home to do their work, they’ll certainly be more appreciative during their time in the office.

Management Training

A job can be made infinitely times better or worse depending on the type of boss someone has. Ensure the happiness of your employees with caring management who are able to communicate with their employees in a decipherable, fair manner. Management training and coaching are just some things you can do to create better bosses.

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