So Many Businesses Rely on Technology to Survive

Technology is still relatively new. The internet has only really grown over the last 10 years but that growth has been rapid. Now, there are many businesses that benefit from technology and the internet. You could be one of those, without really realising it. Do you fit into one of these?

Computer Technicians

This one sounds obvious, but many people fail to realise how important technology is for a computer technician. Technicians can rely on blog posts about the latest products and on information from manufacturers about products and patches on software. They also rely on the internet for finding the latest products at a lower price—often shopping overseas.

They will also rely on the technology to bring in new business. At one time, people would simply find a technician through an ad in the paper or their Yellow Pages. Now, people can hire technicians around the world to remotely fix a problem or get advice. A business needs to be online to be one of those that a customer calls.

Computer Programmers and Developers

This is another one that sounds obvious and is for some. Programmers rely on technology to create their software. Developers need it to create the best websites, the best systems and even test the programs to make sure they are perfect. However, they need it for much more than that and many people fail to realise this.

Some developers and programmers will use the internet to outsource their jobs. They may take on too much or find that they don’t have the skills; and need to find someone who can do it for them. They may need to find someone who is an expert in one particular thing or check forums when they just can’t find the answer themselves. They may even use the internet for ideas and to bring in more customers and clients for their business.

Shop Owners and Direct Sellers

Direct sellers and shop/business owners will also need the internet and technology. Direct sellers often set up websites to increase the amount of people they can sell to. They will create international shipping and can even set up account on auction accounts to improve their reach. It saves having to knock on doors and just hope someone wants to buy something.

Shop owners and businesses will need the technology to make their businesses run better. These include:

  • Freelancers
  • Sole-traders
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Companies

They may need the latest device to create something new and exciting. They may need some new software specifically designed for them to do their specific job. The range of technology differs, depending on the type of company.

Entrepreneurs and Business Inventors

There are new businesses set up all the time thanks to technology. Just 10 years ago, very few people would sell overseas. However, now, almost everyone is doing it. Entrepreneurs and business inventors find ways to take technology and create something new from it. There are now auction websites, micro job sites and ways to make passive income quickly and easily.

Without technology, these entrepreneurs would not exist. They rely on new inventions, different types of needs and new technology to be released on a daily basis.

Technology is now just so important for the world. Not everyone needs to know how to use it, but new inventions are needed to keep people in jobs, create new ideas and build something the majority want.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Jason Burns, a small business owner. He has created his business solely because of technology and continues to develop it because of it. He has very little technical knowledge but knows where to go when its required, thanks to the internet.

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