Reluctant To Spy On Cell Phone? StealthGenie Won’t Let You Down!

Reluctant To Spy On Cell Phone? StealthGenie Won’t Let You Down!

It might be a general reluctance that people often get a bit suspicious when deicing on using spy apps, but fact is using them is not a risk. It is however, all in your hands as you will need to protect the privacy of the person when you wish to spy on cell phone of theirs.This is why these apps are usually used by parents to monitor their children, and by employers to keep an eye on their employees (with strict rules and regulations of course).

Reluctant To Spy On Cell Phone? StealthGenie Won’t Let You Down!

Compatibility throughout Various Platforms

You can use StealthGenie on various mobile platforms, that’s the beauty of it, having multiple platform capabilities always pays off, and as far as anything else goes its quite useful having to use the same app for all your monitoring needs. It is compatible with all Android devices including tablets and phones. Android version 2.1 is supported all the way up to version 4.2.3. Likewise it will run on all Jailbroken iOS devices including iPad, iPad mini and of course all iPhones. You can even install it on BlackBerry cell phones that are running OS 4.6 or above.

Platform Specific Apps

The thing to note about StealthGenie is the fact that it has some really strong support for services that are unique to platforms. For example if you are monitoring a BlackBerry then you will have access to BB Chat as well as PIN messages. Likewise, for the iPhone, you will get access to iMessages, and this is something a number of spy apps lack. You can Gtalk conversation and contacts on Android phone. If your target phone is Android then you can view all the sent and received Gmail mails and messages.

Monitoring the Proper Way

StealthGenie has all those features that are available in usual spy apps, but there is something else that has and that makes it pretty usable; Triggers & Alerts. With this feature you can add on trigger works as well as trigger contacts, this will then give you alerts whenever those words or contacts are used in an email or a text message. For Contacts every time a call is made or received from that contact you will get alerted. StealthGenie’s geo fencing feature is amazing, with the help of this feature you can mark safe and restricted zone, if your target crosses the boundary between these zone you’ll get an alert.

A Strong Support

I know you would have been led down a number of times by fake apps who fail to provide its users with what they promise but you don’t have to go through a similar procedure once you have StealthGenie with you. A great customer support team is in place by this app to help users solve all their issues. Anytime of the day, whatever issue you have you may contact the StealthGenie customer support team and get your issue sorted out in the blink of an eye. This app is the best support that you will get anywhere and that too for a price way below your imagination; simply $8.33 a month.

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