Knowing More Information About Tim Broas

Currently working as a partner at Winston & Strawn, LLP, in Washington,DC, Timothy Broas shares his experience in the field of white-collar criminal defense and litigation matters regarding securities and other financial matters.

Tim Broas further works to advise his clients about matters involving fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), corruption, antitrust, securities issues and many other complex legal matters. Also well-versed in government regulation and enforcement, he understands complex financial matters through a variety of lenses. With his global and well-rounded approach to business law, Timothy Broas is an asset to anyone who needs help navigating financial matters in the DC area.

Knowing More Information About Tim Broas

Additionally, Timothy Broas also advises companies involved with corporate litigation for large businesses and small entrepreneurs. Many times, these cases involved product liability defense issues.

Timothy Broas is proud to be a partner at Winston & Strawn, LLP. Named as one of the 500 “Go To” law firms by Fortune magazine, this firm holds a vital place in DC litigation and international law. Further, as part of the white-collar team, Timothy Broas shares in the team’s 2012 honor, being named as the 2012 Practice Group of the Year by L360. With nearly 550 submitted entries, the review panel had its work cut out for it, but Tim Broas’ team took the honors due to criteria such as the number of deals worked on as well as the number of litigation wins for the firm. Winston & Strawn’s familiarity with the enforcement environment, governmental policymaking and other areas of expertise is what put the team over the edge for the award.

Mr. Broas also believes in being an active member of his community, supporting local nonprofit organizations, as well as charitable issues on a larger scale and outside of his community. Timothy Broas works to foster debate by working with an independent research organization, which focuses on international policy, the Wilson Center relies on its Division of International Security Studies to help support those efforts.

Appointed by President Obama to the Woodrow Wilson International Center Board of Trustees, the Smithsonian Institution in 2010 and as a Board Member for St. Mary’s College and Partners in Health, Timothy Broas maintains a full schedule in a variety of venues. Tim Broas’ visit to Rwanda, in support of Partners in Health, gave Mr. Broas the chance to meet with the medical community and patients involved with his group’s efforts.

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