iPhone 5C and 5S Yet To Be Released This September

iPhone 5C and 5S Yet To Be Released This September

For the first time in history, Apple Inc. is going to release it’s two new mobiles, iPhone 5c and 5s in the mid of this September. Keeping Android market in mind Apple Inc. have decided to release a cheaper mobile into the market. Because, these days, Apple mobiles are more costlier to buy and people have chosen cheaper mobiles with all features in it. But, Apple mobiles are more costlier that any other mobile in the present world today. The prices of Apple mobiles depends upon the type of mobile device and the memory of the mobile device. An iPhone 5 with 32 GB and  64GB will not cost the same. Because, it all depends on the memory allotted to the mobiles.

iPhone 5C and 5S Yet To Be Released This September

Why is Apple Releasing iPhone 5C?

Yes. Why is Apple releasing iPhone 5C? Is it all to increase the sales of iPhone’s or to bring an Apple mobile device even to a common man? It is all because to show the standards of technology that Apple is using. These days people thought that Apple is costlier because it uses its own operating system and also cloud services. It uses them all because to bring the best ever features and technology to the world. It is not all because it is made up of pure metal or any other quality. Now, the yet to be released mobile, iPhone 5C is cheaper because, it is made up of plastic and without any use of metal, and it is thick hard like iPhone 3G and 3Gs but the external features look like iPhone 5.

Features of iPhone 5C

It is said by Mr. Cook that iPhone 5c is available at more cheaper price than ever. It costs only $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB device, and it also includes the iOS 7 operating system which is going to be the most popular operating system ever. This device will be available at five different colors such as green, white, yellow, blue and pink. It is made up of all the incredible technology that is used in iPhone 5. The entire mobile is made up of a single part. The iPhone 5C will have a four inch retina display with integrated touch layer and an A6 processor. By having all the features and with the most awaited iOS 7 operating system, the Apple Inc. is manufacturing the product by keeping in mind only about the common people. Hence, we can conclude that iPhone 5c is going to bring the Apple market, one of the biggest profits ever.

Coming to iPhone 5S, this mobile is the second generation of iPhone 5. This mobile device, iPhone 5S will have a 64 bit chip, the first ever on a smartphone device. This device is available to the customers in three colors, i.e., silver, the ever green color, gold and the new space gray. Where gold and gray are the first ever colors for iPhone devices that is nothing but in costlier devices.

So, by releasing the iPhone 5C, the Apple market will sure bring the market down for Android, which will even make the Android based mobile manufactures down like Samsung, Google Nexus and many more.

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