Improving Workplace Communication Through Technology

Improving Workplace Communication Through Technology

Communication is important. A 2011 Holmes Report states that companies with effectively communicating leaders had returns that were 47 percent higher than average. No matter what your position within the company, as time goes on you will have to communicate with a number of people within your organization. With today’s technological advances, you will be leveraging electronic forms of communication more than ever before. As you take advantage of this form of communication, it is important to make sure you are still making effective connections with your clients, vendors, co-workers, bosses and/or employees. These tips will help you improve workplace communication while embracing technology.

Follow the Trends

Email, Facebook, texting — what is being used by your staff or customers today? Just because something worked yesterday does not mean it is the right choice today. This is especially true when you communicate with your customers. It’s becoming more and more accepted to use social media to foster connections within the workplace, so stay ahead of the curve.

Try New Tools

Improving Workplace Communication Through Technology

There are certain tools available that make keeping track of electronic communications easier. For instance, a hosted Exchange server is one of the best ways for businesses to keep track of email, contacts and storing all of your important communications. Unlike hosting your own server from the ground up, you have assistance with all the steps so you can take care of the process even if you do not have a dedicated IT team. This tool is extremely flexible and works just as well for a two-man operation as a huge corporation.

Don’t forget the Basics

Remember, that while these technologically-driven forms of communication are very useful, sometimes nothing compares to the basics. Consider the ways you can combine tech with non-tech connections. Use email to schedule an in-person meeting or utilize an app on your smartphone to plan for a conference call. The best communicators know when to use and not to use technology.

Integrity and Respect are Important

No matter what form of communication you use — from a quick text message to a large white paper you create for your potential clients, it is important to treat people with respect and practice integrity. It is easier to let these slide when you are communicating using technology than when you are looking into someone’s eyes. Make sure you treat electronic communication the same way you would a one-on-one conversation.

Keep it Simple

No matter what type of communication technology you use, one important tip is to keep it simple. If you have an extremely complex theory to share, you will find that it is easier to use a low-tech form of communication. Simplify the message when you communicate online or by email. Not only is it easier to get the message across, but you are less likely to have misunderstandings.

As you can see, while technology changes the basics of communication do not. Taking advantage of the tools available to you while still embracing the basics of business communication that have worked through the years will ensure that you foster connections that will help your business grow.

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