Importance Of Packaging & Branding In Marketing

Packaging and branding are considered to be among the most important factors of marketing in the current era. While the term branding is used to elaborate design, description and name of a product, packing is an extremely efficient marketing tool used to reflect the brand. Fonts, colors, logo and small descriptions are used in branding and packaging to gain the attention of the customers.

A perfect example of package design & branding can be a product that has been building more and more loyal customers for many years now. The branding and packaging of a number of multi-nationals have become their identities over the previous decades, attaining the loyalty of millions of customers in all parts of the world.


The prime focus of the marketing department of any company is to make strategies to enhance the overall sales of the company’s products. When you are thinking about sales, you cannot afford to ignore two of its most important aspects, packaging and branding. Through marketing and advertising on different mediums of mass communication, a company looks to present a brand name. A potential customer would recognize the brand through its packaging.


Importance Of Packaging & Branding In Marketing

A company determines the ‘personality’ of a product when it is looking to brand it. The goal is to create a brand that is immediately recognizable for the masses and they should be able to relate themselves to that brand. In order to get an edge over the competitors, a company uses different styles, colors and visual imagery to differentiate the brand from other similar products in the market. Marketers popularize a brand through catchy tag lines, slogans and logos. It needs to be mentioned that some multi-nationals vary their logos according to the culture and traditions of a country or region.


Packaging plays a massive role in gaining the attention of a potential customer. Efficient and attractive packaging can help you sell products even if they are not of the highest quality. Just like other fields of human interest, packaging has also evolved rapidly over the last few years, with companies coming up with innovative ideas of wrapping their products. Every business wishes to give its products a certain look and feel. On the shelf of a retail outlet, high-quality packaging should compel a customer to pick it up and read the description.

Image of the Company

Branding and packaging reflect the image a company wants to carry in the market. For example, it is because of branding that Apple is considered to be a hip and cutting edge company; whereas, IBM seems to possess a more traditional image among the technology lovers. Therefore, it is crucial to identify a target market so that you can focus to build a certain image.

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