Help Your Brand Stand Out Amidst the Ordinary

In simple terms, brand identity is the key characteristic of brands and organizations. On the launch of a brand, large sums are invested to establish a distinct identity.

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity, in simple terms, is the image the brand has in the market. Its main purpose is to build a perception in the mind of the consumers. The key components of brand identity include:

  • Trademark
  • Visual Theme
  • Communication Style
  • Mission Statement

These components merge together to formulate the fundamental recognition of the brand, which is different and more appealing from other revival brands; hence, creating a unique brand image.

Importance of a Brand Identity

It’s very important for any brand to have a distinct outward expression. This is because the overall visuals and taglines of any brand play a crucial role in delivering the themes, specialty and uniqueness of the brand. Brand identity, primarily, is the first interaction between customers and the brand. It defines the brand even more than the name or  logo of the brand itself.

Brand identity is really important when it comes to brand marketing and promotion. Marketing is done through television advertisements, banners, posters or ad campaigns involving visual interaction with customers. All these factors are covered under brand identity, and hence, marketing is extremely dependent on how the brand identity is designed.

How to Design a Brand Identity?

Designing the identity of your brand involves three simple yet far-reaching steps which demand innovation, creativity, ideas and a deep understanding of the brand. Those steps include:

  • 1.      Design Brief
  • Design briefing is the first step in planning the brand identity. It includes a market analysis and consumer research through qualitative and quantitative surveys and questionnaires. This is a time-consuming and complex procedure, but is very important in order to understand the market needs and consumer demands. This enables the producers to know more about their competitors as well as get an insight into the target audience, making the mission statement and theme of the brand much clearer.

    Once the research is complete, a brief summary is generated which summarizes the survey results, market conditions and budget plans.

  • 2.      Visual Theme of the Brand
  • This is the most important step in designing a brand identity, as it deals with the first impression of the brand upon its customers. It involves creating a brand logo –through a color scheme and visuals. This visual theme is essential when it comes to other associated brand promotions and businesses, and is necessary for brand marketing.

  • 3.      Communication Pattern

How a business communicates with its costumers greatly affects the brand image. Thus the deigning package involves communication. The idea here is to interact with customers in a way that becomes a signature style or basic recognition of the brand.

Giving your brand an identity is like dressing up for a great ball where there is a lot of competition and demand. Amidst the crowd, how you carry yourself in a unique dress is what signifies you. Brands deal in the same terms; they need identity to signify themselves in front of the customers.

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