Design Tactics For Your Business

Designing your business space can be a truly daunting task. On the one hand, you want to attract as many customers as possible into your business, but on the other hand your design plan cannot overshadow your products. In short, you have to attract the customers into your business and then entice them to purchase your goods or services. Believe it or not, your business design can do a lot to help or hinder this process. There are some design tactics you can use to accomplish this task and boost your overall sales.

Grab Customers’ Attentions

The first thing you need to consider is how to grab the customers’ attention to entice them to walk into your business in the first place. This has a lot do with signage and the design of your storefront. Try to add an image to your store sign, because people are more likely to remember an image they see than words. According to professional designer Christopher Jenner, customers are looking for a “theatrical representation of the brand.” They want to know what your business stands for without asking. If you can show your brand in your storefront or window display, that would be the perfect way to grab the customers’ attention.

Modern and Sleek

Modern and sleek is the popular style for businesses today. Straight lines and edges, coupled with neutral materials such as glass, wood, and stainless steel are also very popular. The more organized and clean you can keep your business the more appealing it will be to the customer. Everything should have its place and be easily visible to the customer. A modern and sleek appearance will give the customers the perception that you are a trendy, modernized, environmentally-friendly company, which is exactly what the majority of the customers want.

Color Schemes

The color scheme of your business space is also important. Most professional interior designers recommend using three coordinating colors in your space. They also suggest using these colors in a 60-30-10 percent ratio. When selecting the right color for your business, you want to think about your client base. For example, if you are opening a men’s clothing store, pink is probably not the best color. However, for a women’s clothing store, pink could work great. Colors are also thought to bring about certain emotions in people. Blue is synonymous with relaxation, yellow equates to joy, and green brings feelings of harmony. You may want to consider the emotion behind the colors when selecting color scheme for your business.

The Importance of Accessories

Accessories are a great way to pull the whole look and feel of your business together. It is important to be subtle with the accessories you use because you do not want them to overshadow the goods or services you are offering. Stick with the modern and sleek theme, and find things that fit into the décor of your business. Accessories, such as glass bottles, wooden baskets, or ceramic bowls, make great additions to your space and can elevate the look of your business.

Designing your business space can help you rebrand your company and attract more customers. your store in a way that attracts customers to purchase your goods and/or services. A good design can go a long way toward boosting sales and keeping your business competitive in today’s market.

Written by Max Podell of OnlineBottles.