Are You In The Cloud? – 4 Reasons To Store Data Elsewhere

Are You In The Cloud? - 4 Reasons To Store Data Elsewhere

Chances are you’ve heard it mentioned more than once in more than one conversation, or even in passing. You’ve probably even used it and never realized it, you probably enjoyed it as well. “The Cloud” has become the new buzzword of the internet, and with good reason. The cloud has always existed as a subsection of the internet, but until recently it hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves.

Are You In The Cloud? - 4 Reasons To Store Data Elsewhere

Today’s Cloud

For years, the cloud has been responsible for ensuring adequate bandwidth in the networks along with secure storage and transfer of information. Much of what the cloud so important is the central server which makes the transfer and storage of data efficient and secure. Various vendors have taken advantage of this simple fact by providing their own servers for storage and server accessible software for important business needs like troubleshooting, email, and project management.

4 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Archiving

Acts of Nature Happen

Surprise tornadoes in central Ohio, tsunamis striking various coastlines, hurricanes and tropical storms, these acts of nature are devastating to valuable possessions. Furniture can be replaced, but the same cannot be said for a lifetime of family photos, that’s why more and more people are taking digital photos during life’s important moments and uploading it to various cloud archives for safekeeping.

Sharing is Caring

Just as you can save data in a cloud server for later retrieval, you can easily share your data with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone within your various social circles. How broad or narrow you decide to share is up to you, and you can share anything from pictures to documents, and anywhere in between.

Equipment Failures

Server crashes happen and no one rejoices in it when it does occur. Backups may bring things up to a working level again, but there’s no guarantee that all of your recent updates will be restored. By storing data in a cloud server all of the information is stored externally in a secure location that will not be effected by any equipment failures you may experience on your end.

Mobile Access

A staggering number of entrepreneurs are relying on their smart phones more than ever to conduct business. While stopping into a local Starbucks for a cafe mocha, these business people on-the-go want to be able to access their accounting software, check the status of a project in progress, or catch up on email. Moving these types of services to the cloud makes it possible to conduct business anywhere, at any time.

From Business to Pleasure – Cloud Archiving is for Everyone

When a natural disaster struck our home recently, we lost nearly everything. Antiques, books, family photo albums, you name it. Thankfully our business was able to remain afloat because of cloud based email archiving and data storage. My family uses the cloud for storing and sharing pictures from holidays, birthdays and important moments – like the first day of school and homecoming – so we can all stay close no matter how many miles exist between us.

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