All You Need For Better Product Presentation

It’s a well-known fact that online shopping is becoming more and more popular these days offering the whole range of items from toothbrushes to car parts or medicines. Ordering products right form your sofa is very convenient and it’s no wonder that the percentage of Internet shoppers has dramatically increased. But still there is a fly in the ointment – even the most cutting edge gadget will never give you the opportunity to “feel” the product you are going to purchase. This is one of the most crucial factors preventing skeptical people from purchasing online.

Thus, to convince your customers add this or that product to cart you have to provide them with realistic images. Below you’ll see in details of what you can do to avoid the most common mistakes online merchants make while placing product pictures on their pages.

Let Shoppers “touch” your Store Items

How to make people perceive images as real things? Actually, this is not as difficult as you may think – just demonstrate your products in action. If you sell clothing, provide users with the pictures of models dressed in trousers, cardigans or coats your store offers. Demonstrate the way ordered things look in dynamic. And don’t forget to specify the sizes your models are wearing.

All You Need For Better Product Presentation

Get Customers Closer

To amaze your visitors with a high quality product images you definitely need an advanced zoom tool. Show your items from various angles allowing customers easily zoom them in and out creating the atmosphere of a real store where you can always view your potential purchases in details. Don’t forget to place the product descriptions beside each picture with all important product attributes.

Carefully Take Pictures of your items

Treat photos like real products, because your customers will definitely do the same. All they see before making a decision to purchase your flowers or a t-shirt is your professionally taken picture of the product they can’t see in reality. Thus, you have to try hard to demonstrate your products from the best side and at the same time not to add too much sugar. It means in order to avoid customers’ frustration and numerous refunds don’t make your items look better than they are.

Remember about Standards

Make sure that everything is in order in your e-store and all your product images are scaled to one size for easier perception. This not only enhances the image viewing process but just makes favorable impression to customers who’ve just visited your shop for the first time. What can be better than clear product pictures dressed in accurate frames?

Where to find Quality Plugins for better Image Performance

Fortunately, nowadays you can choose the tools that work better for your particular shop due to a great variety of extensions in the ecommerce market. For example, visit any website offering Magento plugins and you’ll find hundreds of programs with outstanding functionality starting form magento flat rate shipping and ending with zoom pro modules. Attentively read program descriptions to pick up the lightbox and zoom tool which meets your particular requirements. Voila! Now you are equipped for ultimate product demonstration!

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