7 Benefits Of Tablet PC’s and Notebook Computers

Technology is changing at a rapid rate, and gadgets that only yesterday were a great hit become obsolete in no time. But with more of these gadgets being thrust into the market, it is becoming ever so difficult to pick the right gadget. So if you are torn between tablet PC’s and notebook computers on one hand, and laptops and other desktop computers on the other hand, then below are 7 reasons why you need to opt for the former as opposed to the latter.

1. Portability

In spite of where business leads you to, you can always very easily carry along your tablet PC. Although notebooks are also quite portable, they can’t be carried around the way tablet pc’s can. When showing details of a house to their clients, real estate agents may record details using these gadgets. They can also provide some details of the house to a potential home buyer by using the device. For students, it is possible to tote tablet pc in their bags, and use them to quickly capture notes in class. You can use carry it during a long trip to entertain your kids.

7 Benefits Of Tablet PC's and Notebook Computers

2. Great e-book Readers

Ordinarily, almost any electronic device can be used to read e-books. However, tablet pc has been designed in such a way that it makes reading eBooks quite enjoyable. While ensconced in a sofa, you can use the e-book to enjoy a novel. This is much better than having to sit upright on your desk.

3. Comfortable to use

The manner in which tablet PC’s are designed makes them fit comfortably in a person’s hands. You can hold it by one hand, and this makes it possible to share its screen with others. There are some that come with rotating screens, which makes it even easier to share with other people. Its light weight makes it the natural choice when compared to laptops.

4. Powerful Functionality

Tablet PC’s and notebooks come with features which enable users to access their remote desktop computers wherever they are. Therefore, even if you are on the road, you can still access a file on your home computer, making it appear as if you have carried your home PC with you. But because you can lose your tablet PC through theft, it is important to protect your home computer with a password, so that when you lose the tablet PC, you don’t compromise your data as well.

5. Run on Reliable OS

The operating systems used in Tablets PC’s and notebook computers are either Windows RT/Windows 8 from Microsoft, or Apple’s iOS. This basically gives user the same experience that they get when using their home or work computers.

6. Powerful for Social Networking

These devices have robust networking features that make them very ideal for use in keeping in touch with family and friends. Several other functionalities are also enabled, such as collaborating on projects through cloud based applications, watching or even reading latest news. To protect your machine and get more from it, you will need to use android tablet cases. This is protects its screen, and cushions it from breakage when it falls.

7. Affordability

There are so many varieties of notebook computers and Tablet PC’s. Basically, you can find a product that fits your budget. Maintaining and supporting it are also easier since it doesn’t function as a fully-fledged personal computer. Since you are the only one suing them, instances of virus attack are minimized.