6 Best Career Options In 2014

6 Best Career Options In 2014

Choosing your career is important. You certainly want to find yourself with a career in a field that you enjoy, but you must also keep other considerations atop of your mind when selecting that career, including the salary, benefits, growth potential and similar.

Take a look at the 6 best career options in 2014. This information can make it much easier to decide what career path you want to utilize.

6 Best Career Options In 2014

Financial Advisers

The role of a financial adviser is an important one. These experts assist individuals with financial matters of various nature, including retirement planning with IRA and 401(K), investments and trading and more.

It is expected that Financial Advisers will be in the top 10 careers with substantial growth in the year 2014. If you are someone who enjoys crunching numbers, heading to college with the goal of becoming a Financial Adviser is an option to be considered.


There are multiple types of engineers in this world and all of them serve an integral role in the success of many different operations. From Bio Medical Engineers to Aerospace Engineers, Civil Engineers to Petroleum Engineers, there is no shortage of positions available throughout the US for engineers. The highest paid engineering gig lies with the Petroleum Engineer, with a starting salary of above $94,000; the lowest paid engineering job is in Aerospace Engineering, with a starting salary of a mere $64,500 annually.

Seven of the highest paid college degrees lie within engineering, and the need for engineers will only continue to rise in the year 2014. Not only do engineers enjoy a lucrative salary, growth potential, bonus, benefits and more, they also enjoy an amazing work opportunities and many options. If you are looking to make your career in this field, then its time to find some top engineering colleges.


Teachers are responsible for creating leaders of the future, and there will always be a need for those special people who can reach the heart of our children. Teachers are needed to educate those in all grade levels. While a teaching position isn’t right for everyone, those with that special place in their heart for helping students will find they are always able to find a great job with good pay and benefits and plenty of rewards in the end.

A college degree is required to work as a teacher, with the qualifications required various upon the grade you intend to teach. Teachers make various salaries according to the grade they teach as well. The average salary is around $40,000 per year.


RNs as well as LPNs are always in high demand in states throughout the US. An RN averages a yearly salary of around $65,000 per year while an LPN earns an average of $45,000 each year. Nurses have many benefits and rewards that also accommodate the positions.

An expected 26% growth for nurses is expected in 2014.


Chief Executive Officers, or CEOs, have been in-demand for quite some time, and 2014 predicts that the need for CEOs will grow even further. All companies need a CEO, regardless of the size, the offerings of the company or the strategies of the company.

Company CEOs face challenging jobs, though they pay off well, with the average salary of a CEO totaling six figures or better.

Computer Sciences

Aside from Engineering, Computer Sciences is one of the highest paid careers predicted to grow in substantial number in the year 2014. The average Computer Sciences professional earns $63,555 per year, though that amount can greatly increase with experience.

As a computer Sciences professional you play a vital role in technology and can find yourself performing a number of duties.

There is an expected 45% growth rate for Computer Sciences positions. More than 780,000 positions will be available in 2014