Why Your Bus Bench Advertising Doesn’t Work

For years bus bench advertising has been one of the most popular forms of legal advertising. This is because it is one of the most affordable forms of advertising for many small businesses; also, if the bench is in a densely populated urban area, the advertisement will be seen by a lot of people on any given day. However, if you are not using your bus bench advertisement properly, this same form of legal marketing that should be making you money could end up costing you thousands of dollars each year on wasted advertising funds. By looking at the pros and cons of bus bench advertising, hopefully you will be able to see why your bunch bench advertisements are not working as effectively as you believe, which will help you to make the necessary changes that need to be made to your advertisement.

Why Your Bus Bench Advertising Doesn't Work

The Pros of Bus Bench Advertising

• Cost:

Bus bench advertisements are one of the cheapest and most cost effective forms of print advertisements available; at an average cost of $250 a month. However, if you are going to utilize bus bench advertising, you need to factor in the cost of purchasing more than one bench in order for this form of advertising to make a difference. Many people make the mistake of only advertising on one bench, this does not create enough exposure for your ad to make a difference in your business.

• Demographic Targeting:

Unlike other forms of advertising, bus bench advertising allows you to target to the specific population of the neighborhood that that bus bench is in. The mistake many people make is that they forget to alter their ad campaign so that it caters to and appeals to that demographic group. It is a waste of advertising money if you try to advertise to a certain group of people using an advertisement that will not appeal to them.

• 24/7 Advertising:

Bench advertisements, like billboards, can be seen and can help spread the word about your business no matter the time of day. This is especially beneficial if you choose a bench that is in an area that sees traffic at all times of the day. This means that even when your office is closed, your advertisements are still working to further promote your business. Also since these advertisements are stationary, people who take the same root every day will see your advertisements multiple times, which could help your name to stick in their head.

The Cons of Bus Bench Advertising

• Space and Availability limitations:

The small size of bus benches means that your advertisement will have to be short, catchy and to the point. This is the most common reason for bus bench advertisements not being effective. People often have trouble coming up with a small yet effective advertisement, which causes people to overlook or ignore their advertisement. The other part of the problem is that most benches that are in prime locations are most likely already taken. If you cannot find a bench that is in a decent location, do not waste your money on placing an advertisement on a bench that will not get high traffic to it.

• Quick Viewing:

This biggest problem with bus bench advertisements is that unless a car is stuck in traffic next to your bench, cars will pass by your add too quickly to read it. Unless your bus bench advertisement is near an intersection where cars get stuck a lot, your bus bench advertisement may not be worth the cost. A good idea would be to sit at the bench you are thinking of placing an advertisement on to see if cars stop their long enough to read the bench.

Bus bench advertising can be a highly effective way to advertise your business. However, in order for the advertisement to be worth your money, you have to make sure that the bench is in a good location and you have to make sure that your advertisement will appeal to the neighborhood that it is in. If you are able to properly utilize bus bench advertising it can be one of the most cost effective and lucrative forms of print advertising that your business can use.
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