Why A School Trip Can Make Strong Students Stronger

Excursions can seem like a chance for high-achievers to take it easy. Actually, many tours are designed in such a way that high achievers cannot only excel, but can also learn more.

Since these students are typified, not necessarily by a greater intellect or natural ability than their peers, but rather by a greater intensity of commitment, they wish to perform at their peak at all times. Consequently, excursions need to match the inordinate amount of energy, focus and drive they bring to each task they undertake.

Why A School Trip Can Make Strong Students Stronger

Perform At A Higher Level

Whether they are devoted to music, theatre or dance, students on a performance school trip expect to be exposed to the best in terms of venues and contact with professionals, when they are given a chance to demonstrate and hone their skills outside the classroom. As the study of Performing Arts requires great drive, talent and discipline, the high-achievers in this area will expect even more than usual. Luckily, on these trips they will not only be exposed to new skills and methods, but will also have the chance to demonstrate their achievements in situ. Spending time in a high-quality resort focused solely on developing their craft will give them the challenge they are looking for.

Heighten Understanding Of Literature

The study of English demands not only a contextual understanding of the provenance of literature, but also the capacity to write, drawing on the inspiration of real circumstances and places. In this regard, a school trip provides a unique chance for students to appreciate the connection between real places and the words they have read on a page. Any motivated student will revel in the experience of visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare, inStratford-upon-Avon, for example, or explore the worlds of other favourite authors and be inspired to compose works in homage.

Delve Deeper Into Mathematics

While top performers in mathematics tend to be quite comfortable in the classroom, a school trip can afford a stellar opportunity for them to understand the origins of theorems, develop knowledge of more complex formulae through engagement with experts, and practically apply what they have learnt in real life situations. For high-achievers this is a valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge in ways they simply cannot do on paper.  A visit to the National Museum of Scotland inEdinburghis a great option for mathematics students, helping to open their minds to the consideration of the achievements of many famous mathematicians of times gone by.

Draw Subtle Connections About The Past

High-achievers will be pushed by a school trip toBerlin, where museums, tours and exhibitions will unravel the city’s tumultuous modern history. Keen for details, these students will delight in a chance to go beyond the overview of textbooks and impress teachers with an in-depth understanding of the contextual issues behindGermany’s historical events. High-achieving students on such a tour will no doubt be eager to explore the neglected nooks and crannies of all the areas they have read about.

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