Top 5 New And Innovative Products For 2013

There’s a lot of noise when it comes to technology, companies and the hottest products hitting the mainstream market. Technology is big, and it is only going to continue growing. Technology consumes everyone, and it’s fun to explore new products that launch and change lives. Here are the top five innovative products for 2013 that will awe and impress.

Nike+ Fuelband

This slick device takes fitness and weight loss a step further. These devices are fancy pedometers, but they work wonders for keeping you on track and letting you know what your body is doing. This innovative technology comes with software for you to easily access the information recorded by the device. You can customize your routines, set goals and stay fit with the Nike+ Fuelband in 2013.


If you’re obsessed with social media, then Flipboard is the application for you. Flipboard is available on iOS and Android devices. It curates all of the most popular information from a variety of social-media sites that you may use. The only downside is that you could get confused with all of the information crossing over into one platform. It’s easier to use than individual apps though, and it’s an attractive and fun tool if you are getting bored with the typical apps for social media.

MelaFind Technology

While this technology isn’t for at-home use, it is a technology that could save lives and cut back on melanoma biopsies. The MelaFind optical scanner is designed to help doctors decide whether or not to perform a biopsy. This technology uses a special type of navigation technology designed by the Department of Defense.

Seagate Wireless Plus

Data storage has just gotten better with the Seagate Wireless Plus storage drive. This compact device is easy to transport with you, stores 1TB of information and has 10 hours of battery life. Content can be streamed to devices and uploaded back to the drive for maximum efficiency. This nifty tool could make your life a lot easier if you transfer information to a storage device often. Be sure to encrypt your data before using this device. It has a lot of potential to leak private information if it isn’t properly maintained.

3D Systems CubeX

This 3D printer brings the technology to at-home users everywhere. It allows you to print objects in three colors, build larger objects from two types of plastics and it is more affordable than other printers in its class. It’s a fun toy, but it does require a lot of up-front costs and maintenance. If you have a legitimate use for the printer, it would be worth it to explore the technology a little deeper. These printers top out at a cost of about $4,000.


Technology is always growing, but learning which products are worth the investment can be a challenge. There are always going to be products competing for your money, attention and purchases. Be a smart shopper and buy the products that will enhance your life.

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