Taking the World of Data Centre by Storm

Verne Global is well known as an inventor and implementer of campuses of data centre and the unique point about these centres is that these campuses are energy efficient; thus contributing a major portion towards environmental safety. This United Kingdom based developer has brought for itself a round of applauds which have been recognized using silver as well as bronze awards. This award is for the supreme teams in communication for the year of 2013. These awards that have been presented to the organization represent the culture that is shared by it and they emphasize the achievements that have been acquired by the Verne Global in such a short span of time by communicating an entirely innovative data centre notion to important analysts as well as media along with an online marketing platform for its content.

Verne GlobalAchievements within a Short Span of Time

The organization became operational in the mid of 2012, and from thereon it set to tackle a variety of great issues as faced by industries running data centres. Among the various issues that have been addressed, a few important ones include the unpredictability of rising emissions of carbon along with the unpredictability in the supply of power as well as price which has a constantly fluctuating note. The Verne global has developed a carefully planned international campaign whose aim is to attain market awareness & simultaneously the campaign also focuses on educating the experts on innovative, new & out of box ideas and the manner in which these ideas can be implemented.

Focussing on the Market

The international campaign that is held by the Verne Global aims at educating executives that are operating data centres, CIOs, CSOs as well as many other important people who are considered as decision makers when it comes to the implementation of data centres. The campaign aims at demonstrating the applications of a data centre that is environmentally friendly and is priced much less than the competition makes a good sense for the business as a whole. The main focus is on worldwide press along with analyst relations and owing to this the international campaign team has already put forth the idea of the organization’s data centre on a variety of news channels as well as infamous news papers; thus making it popular.

Online Content Marketing Campaign 

With a campaign developed by Verne Global that is capable of marketing the idea online, the statistics say that the newly developed centres would take on the world of technology by stride. This idea aims at giving the readers as well as the subscribers a single web site that is filled with news related to the industry. This website will continue to deliver traffic, create leads and simultaneously along the way would ensure that the visibility of Verne Global becomes clearer by the day among analyst community as well as press. With the creation of the web site, it has already captured approximately around a third of the entire traffic searched using the related topics.

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