Software Firm Collaborates with Schools and Law Enforcement to make School Lock -Down System

Times of emergencies and crisis can occur at any time. Particularly when the safety of schools is compromised, it becomes a matter of big concern. The faculty and staff members at times are unable to handle the security and safety of all the children. So the requirement of a software system for the children as well as the school’s security was a dire requirement. With the launch of a lock –down software “ALERT” for schools in the county district of Washington, it has given many schools a sign of relief.

Active lock –down and emergency response technology’ALERT i.e. ‘Active lock –down and emergency response technology’ is a security system software. This software allows the school staff to initiate the lock down of the school in times of emergency. Moreover the best part is that the lock –down can be initiated with any smart phone, tab or even a desktop that is configured with the software and is authorized to do so. The introduction of this software can prove to be a boon for many schools.

The software has been launched in collaboration with schools, 911 dispatches and along with the law enforcement. This software can reduce the time significantly between a threat and the beginning of the lock –down.

Working of ALERT

The software can easily be integrated and configured with the already existing door locks that are electronic and with the surveillance cameras. The ALERT system also allows the staff and faculty members at the school to check –in with the student count and the location at times of a lock –down. The software also allows the law enforcement as well as the administration to provide instructions and suggestions to the school staff.

ALERT is flexible software

The school software system is easily customizable and allows the flexibility to schools to respond quickly in cases of emergencies. It was also stated that ALERT is all-inclusive software for school lock –down. Even at times of a lock –down the lock –down software increases the communication and coordination.

Superintendent’s statement at the launch of ALERT

The superintendent of the district was heard saying that he was looking for a security system for school that was affordable with the price range. He further added that the security software systems that were present in the market were not what they were looking for. After contacting HELIX, which is a developmental firm in Washington; they designed ALERT after working together with local law and enforcement and also with 911 dispatches.

He also added that ‘this was the first of its kind security lock -down systems for schools’.

Demonstrating the lock –down system

The development team of ALERT at Helix group and the product team will give a live demo of the system at the County Sheriff’s office. The people who will be attending the demonstration event would be taken through a scenario representing the lock –down state. They will be taken along with the representatives of the SWAT team of the county.  This SWAT team will be working with school ALERT system.

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