Is Mortgage With Less or No Deposit Possible?

Is Mortgage With Less or No Deposit Possible?

We all know that applying for a mortgage is not an easy task today. For first time buyers it is a real struggle to get a home loan. While not many of us plan for a loan, it is indeed difficult to make up for all the details that are important for you to get a home loan without much trouble. The credit report, documentation, job, salary, requirement of the home and the loan amount is taken into consideration before a loan is dispersed. If you are not having any deposit, or your savings are too little to apply for a home loan, do not frown. There are various types of loans that can be applied even if you do not have much in your savings.

1. The VA Mortgage plan involves 0% down payment and is only valid for those who are in veteran affairs.

2. Federal Housing Administration guarantees low down payment scheme. In reality, FHA insures a loan and since a borrower with low credit score or not much saving is insured by FHA, it is easy to get a mortgage loan. It requires a minimum credit score of 500.

3. The conventional 97 is better than FHA, since it offers only 3% down payment and is available for a mortgage at a fixed rate.

If you cannot make into any of these categories, you have to really try hard. If you do not have much to shed for a mortgage loan, you can optimize what all you have with these tips:-

a. Procure the Details of your Credit Report:

Looking at your credit report will help you check how and where you can apply for a mortgage. A credit report can be obtained from agencies and if it’s your first time, there is a free 30 day trial. In these thirty days you can keep a check on your credit score and also apply for a mortgage.

b. List yourself as an Active Voter:

Register as an active voting member and this will help you get an upper hand as a borrower. The lender can know the latest details like your residence address or places you previously stayed at. This will enhance your credit score since you can be trusted if you updated your identity on every electoral roll.

c. Ensure you have Job Stability:

For enhancing your chances, you must show that you have been on the same jobs for years. More years with the same employer shows the stability of work and income.

d. Be Tactful when Applying for a Loan:

If you are one of those who is too new for this mortgage procedure, it’s better to check up with the financial advisor. A mortgage broker can help you put up an application that can convince the lenders and sign in the deal. Do not apply to every possible lender since banks do keep a record of applications rejected.

As you do this, make sure you save the money, as it will help you get a positive credit score as you go on and apply for a mortgage.

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