How To Use Printed Materials To Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

How To Use Printed Materials To Enhance Your Marketing CampaignWith the internet and social media taking centre stage in the 21st century, it is all too easy to neglect traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail, leafleting, posters and TV advertising.

If you are a business owner, chances are you are already embracing online techniques such as blogging, key-word targeted content, social media and online advertisements. Digital marketing is cost-effective and convenient and has the potential to target large and growing audiences. Many consumers take their recommendations from peers rather than advertisements and social media is the perfect platform to take advantage of this fact.

While it’s essential businesses embrace digital marketing, it is important to remember that traditional marketing techniques are still relevant. Print materials are important marketing tools and can create a far bigger impact than an online communication. When it comes to traditional printers there are many online suppliers that can provide leaflet printing services to complement your marketing campaign.

In addition to leaflet printing services, these organisations will also be able to provide other marketing materials including posters, business cards, letter head, postcards, fliers and brochures for all types of businesses including restaurants and retail outlets

Advantages of Print Marketing

How To Use Printed Materials To Enhance Your Marketing CampaignCredibility and Tangibility

Nothing can quite beat the thrill of a glossy newsletter or brochure coming through the letter box in a crisp, white envelope, particularly if has been correctly targeted to reach the right recipient. A communication sent via email is unlikely to have the same impact and can quickly be deleted. Many people skim over websites and will quickly close them down if they are dominated by ads and banners. Websites can take time to load and visitors can lose patience. Online content is read in a few seconds, whereas printed materials remain with the consumer for much longer.

Extending Reach

Many consumers, particularly the older generation, do not have access to the internet and print marketing enables you to communicate with those individuals. Advertising in specialist magazines gives access to target niche audiences that may be hard to reach online.

Establishing Brand Identity

Print can showcase your brand to its best advantage. An eye-catching brochure or leaflet in vivid colours can establish and reinforce brand recognition in a way that is difficult to replicate online. Printed material is essential at all stages of your marketing campaign. Even the smallest of businesses will benefit from printed materials such as business cards and letter head.

If businesses are to survive in the modern world, it is vital they take advantage of several marketing tools in order to reach as many consumers as possible. While print marketing may seem old fashioned, a quick look around the high street will demonstrate its dominance in the world of retail, leisure and hospitality.

Savvy businesses in the digital age will be using both online and offline techniques to connect and interact with consumers. Not all people have access to the internet and print marketing will give your business an opportunity to connect with these individuals.

Print marketing will help to extend your reach delivering a marketing communication that is tangible, credible and likely to be remembered far longer than an email. Traditional printers are available online and on the high street. They are able to handle all your printing requirements including custom size leaflet printing services.

Maria John manages a print shop which specialises in custom size leaflet printing services. Maria also writes content for websites and blogs.

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