5 Of The Coolest Android Apps Of 2013

If you’re rocking the latest and greatest smartphone tech chances are you really want the latest smartphone apps that will bring your phone up to date and allow it to show you and your friends what it can really do.

Inside of this hyper fast changing tech landscape if you want to enjoy all of the bells and whistles of the latest technology that you just put in your pocket then downloading the latest build of an old chestnut like Pandora or even Instagram isn’t going to really give you the “Wow” factor you just paid good money to get from discovering your new phones new capabilities.     You could head over to the play store and browse the 700,000 app choices and try to find the coolest new apps of 2013 which would only take about five or six years of full time work, or you can read on to find the absolute coolest best apps of 2013.

One Today

This new app will help you feel good about being you. Every day the app will highlight some lousy situation in the world that you really don’t have to deal with and the organization that is trying to do something about making that situation go away. The app gives you the ability to drop an extra buck via Google Wallet into the hands of that company and help make the world a better place from the comfort of your smartphone screen. The app’s interface is very user friendly with lots of pictures of people and places that can use a helping hand. This helps you feel extra happy to be far away from that stuff while allowing you to feel good about being part of the solution.

Gas Buddy

Sure, Gas Buddy has been around for a few years but with gas prices as high as they are it’s still a great app for getting a finding a bit of savings at the pump.   The 2013 version is more intuitive and faster than ever with more information finding its way into your hands more quickly than ever.  Using the GPS on your phone Gas Buddy will find the gas stations nearest you with the lowest prices.  Simple, and straight forward.  You can even browse prices in areas where you are headed to see where to get the cheapest gas when you arrive.


With the early demise of Google Reader throwing tech enabled news junkies into a fit about how to get their news fix in an easy to read way nothing is more welcome than Feedly, with it’s well curated suggestions for your RSS feeds and multiple well thought out layout choices.   Getting the latest news in a way that you like to get it has never been easier.


Tired of the way your pad looks? Moving to a new locale and not sure how to arrange the furniture?  There’s an app for that.  Augment will help you imagine the layout of your room’s furniture and wall paper with detailed 3D images.   Now you can play with the idea of new color schemes, furniture arrangements and room touches to your hearts content without having to leave the couch or hire an interior designer.


If you’re looking for the latest app from the hottest little start up company then Snapchat is the app to have.  What Snapchat does is allow it’s users to send voices messages, pics and vids that only appear for a maximum of 10 seconds then disappear from the digital world forever.  The good folks at Snapchat call it the “Fastest way to share a moment with your friends” everyone that uses it calls it the best app for safe sexting.

Aaron Mills is a tech blogger and iPhone aficionado. He writes on behalf of Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble.

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