Factors That You Have To Consider Before Selecting A Domain Name

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Factors That You Have To Consider Before Selecting A Domain NameChoosing a suitable domain name can have a big impact on the traffic that you get on your site as well as the overall success of your website. Therefore never rush when deciding on a domain name as it is the first thing people see and remember. InMotion hosting review is among the many sites where you can get your domain registered for free. Make sure the source used is safe, reliable and used by many. Some tips to help you select the perfect domain name for yourself are mentioned below:

The Length of the Domain Name:

Some people suggest that the domain name should be kept as short and concise as possible. Well this cannot be true in all the cases. Whether you choose a short or long domain name, there are certain things that you have to consider in both cases. In the case of short domain names, people justify that they can be remembered more easily, can be typed more easily and cannot be mistaken. This may not be the case under all circumstances. For example, a sequence of lesser unrelated letters can be mind boggling. If you have a longer domain name on the other hand, it tells exactly what your website is about and makes complete sense. People are more likely to remember you then e.g. it will be easier to remember knowmywebsite.com rather than kmywebg.com. So it can be safely said that whatever domain name you choose, be it short or long, it should make complete sense.

Domain Names that are Brand Names:

Many people believe that your domain name should be generic names like for example if you are selling burgers it should be burgers.com or if you are selling cars it should be cars.com. People who are looking for cars have already made up their mind and must have some brand names in their minds when they begin searching for it on the internet. They will search for generalmotors.com rather than cars.com and kfc.com rather than burgers.com. It is always recommended that the product you are selling on your website should be your domain name rather than opting for any random name.

International Domain or Country specific Domain:

People who are unable to get domain names ending with ‘.com’ often complain. Well, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you decide what specific domain you need. Firstly, you need to realize that if your website is catering to a local audience such as an ice cream parlor in once city within your country, it makes total sense to choose a country specific domain name rather than .com because no one in United Kingdom would want to buy an ice cream from Pakistan.

However, if you are catering to a particular business and looking to increase your audience and reach out to the international customers, then getting an international domain will be optimal. You don’t want people thinking that you only cater locally so never compromise on that point.


Whether you should add hyphens to your domain name or not is in itself a very confusing question. Well, hyphens can be useful in situations when you have many different words in your domain name. These help give meaning to those words so they can easily be understood. Also words without hyphens can be hard on the eyes. For example, know-your-web.com is more understandable than knowyourweb.com at first glance. On the other hand there is the argument that hyphens can make your domain names really long and the longer it is, the more probable that people will forget it, so the choice is yours to make. Use of hyphens means that search engines will be better able to pick up words and in turn get to your website the right kind of audience that you wish to target.

Trends should not be Followed:

If everyone around you is following a similar trend like using slangs and fancy wordings, it does not mean it will be the best strategy. Your goals should be long term goals. Odd misspellings do not create a very professional impact on the business or the website and people might mistake you for unreliable or a fake site.

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Kate Free is an experienced blogger who is of the opinion that domain name makes the first impression on a visitor and people tend to remember it more than the content on your site. He suggests InMotion hosting reviews for more choices and safe domain names and offers her advice online as well.