Digital Signage: A Smart Solution For Creating Iconic Brand Identity

Digital Signage: A Smart Solution For Creating Iconic Brand IdentityExtensive usage of mobile devices, wide expansion of Comcast internet connectivity and introduction of social media have brought revolutionary changes in consumer shopping pattern these days.  Modern customers depend more on internet for having new ideas, information and promotional offers about different products. Thus business websites have much influence on the consumers’ decision before they make any purchase. Recognising this change of trend, business world today has embraced the technology of digital signage for creating their brand identity through proper marketing and advertising. This is a proven medium for efficiently distributing the message of an organisation to existing and prospective customers.

What is Digital Signage:

Digital signage is an electronic display screen or networks of many screens, connected to and controlled from a unique central location through personal computers, media players or servers. The information on the screens are regularly updated via web portals on internet from any random place of the world. Latest technologies, like LCD or LED screens, full-motion video, text, sound, HTML and projected images for content display are used in digital signage. The technology is frequently used in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, airports, railway stations, bus terminus and many other places.

Utility of Digital Signage:

Digital signage can display any video content including advertisements, television programming, menus and other visuals. This form of electronic display is mainly used as an advertising tool for delivering purposeful messages to targeted audience. However, there is no limit to the use of digital signage and it is evolving continuously from displaying important information to news presentation, game-scores, weather-report, corporate messages. This can also be used for building directory, maps or menu information.

Digital Signage: A Smart Solution For Creating Iconic Brand IdentityDigital Signage for Promoting a Business:

There are many reasons why retailers need to use this form of advertising. The ultimate target for every retailer is to increase brand awareness and sales. Nevertheless, these are not the only reasons for growing popularity of digital signage. Following are some reasons why digital signage is considered as a great solution for creating unique brand identity:

Digital signage can promote sales in real time, also including the in-store only and last minute sales.

Unlike static signage, contents can be easily updated in electronic signage method, saving on construction and printing costs.

This method of advertising is more economical solution compared to the high cost associated with print ad campaigns.

Complete online product catalogue facilitates the advertisement of any product.

In-store customer behaviour can be influenced with digital signage by directing the customers to specific areas of the store, thereby increasing the total time they spend on store.

It is possible to educate the customers about products, services and features offered by the store.

Customers can have great experience with interactive screens including pricing, photos etc.

Advertising space can be sold to the customers to assure high revenue generation.

Over the last few years, digital signage has become an integral part of visual impact for creating brand identity. This sophisticated technology is constantly evolving to more classy and elegant appearance and comes with higher definition. The impressive and compelling visual impact of digital signage is ideal for developing positive brand identity for any business.

Author Bio: Emma is associated with a designing agency of London as a digital signage specialist. She is also passionate about writing and has written many articles on digital signage and its impact.

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