Congratulations You’re Graduating: 5 Things You’ll Want To Do To Prepare For The Big Day

After shedding so much sweat and tears to earn your degree, you probably want your graduation day to be as special as possible. The only way you can ensure your graduation day will go perfectly is by preparing for it far in advance. Here are five things you should definitely do to prepare for your big day.

Congratulations You're Graduating: 5 Things You'll Want To Do To Prepare For The Big Day

Ensure You Dress Accordingly

The easiest way to ruin your gradation day is by showing up in the wrong clothes and standing out in a bad way. Ensure you know exactly what you’re going to wear to your graduation at least a few days beforehand. Most schools give out information about what graduates are expected to wear.

Typically, graduations are formal occasions where graduates are expected to wear the appropriate academic robe. You can purchase these robes from your university’s gown supplier, or you can choose to rent them for the day, as most graduates opt to do in order to save money.

Think About Photographs

Obviously, you’re going to want photographs to remember your special day. Therefore, you need to figure out who’s going to be taking pictures of you while you’re up on stage. The elected photographer, who can be a family member or a friend, should know where he or she can find you. Make sure you pick a high-end digital camera, so you can have absolutely gorgeous and crisp pictures of you on your graduation day.

Also, if your university is selling photographs of the graduation day, pre-order them far in advance, so it’s certain that you’ll get them.

Get Pronunciation Issues Straightened Out

Nothing can be more frustrating on your graduation day than having someone butcher your name to the point where it’s unrecognizable. Therefore, if you know your name is prone to being mispronounced, contact the Presenting Officer about it. Some schools allow students to fill out a Pronunciation of Names form before graduation day.

Also, if your name happens to include an accent, that accent may not show up on your degree. Therefore, you may have to contact your university to get an accent to show up on your certificate.

Have Tickets Ready

If tickets are required for your graduation day, make sure you order enough, so you and everyone you invite can actually attend. While you should get the tickets early, you should try to distribute the tickets only a few days before the graduation, so the people you’re inviting don’t end up losing their tickets.

Create Invitations

To ensure everyone you’ve invited to your graduation day actually come, you should create invitations. These invitations should include the correct time and date of the graduation, and a description of appropriate clothing to wear to the event.

If you want to make your invitations extra special, consider having a company that specializes in invitation printing make them for you.

No matter your major, getting a degree requires a lot of hard work and major commitment. Therefore, you have every right to be proud of yourself on graduation day. If you want to end your college experience on a good note, do the five things listed above to prepare for your graduation day.

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