Catch the One Direction Review

One direction is a concert documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock and has witnessed quite some success. An interesting factor to see in the documentary is that how the group was developed after X –factor and this also be a good topic for the documentary.

The group of five

One direction, which was just considered as a gamble topped the U.S. charts with its debut album. One direction is a group of five young aspirants which was noticed by Simon Cowell, who is considered as the X –factor overlord. After one direction bagged the third place, it signed the Cowell Syco Records label. This is where they topped the charts of United States.

One direction is the first of its kind pop group whose developmental steps are properly managed by the TV crew. But not to forget that it is the first group to achieve this kind of success.

One DirectionConcert performance

Harry Styles in the group is considered as the most camera friendly person. He also spent quality time i.e. months studying and understanding the interview footage of Mick Jagger during his free time relaxing in the bed. So, it becomes hard to believe Zayn Malik takes care of all the vocal parts during any concert they perform or will be. Malik likes to practice the art of graffiti in his free time.

For the concert performance, its footage is properly shot and also has some attention-grabbing bells and whistles. Also not to forget mentioning that the bells are 3D! The live show which was put up by one direction is did not witness any frills which was supported by a 4 piece band. They were seen performing songs which were mostly composed by Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha and also those by Rami Yacoub.

Spurlock’s documentary

Spurlock, who is a documentarian, has put a lot in the film like putting up a cut from the footage of the concert to showing how a neuroscientist can well explain the effect of music on the dopamine levels which are present in the human brain.
He also attempts to interview the band members and asks them all sorts of questions. The scenes of the movie also contain thousands of fans squealing and have witnessed shirtlessness of the fans.

It was also heard describing that since the group has a charisma; it was easy for the documentary to be a hit, especially among the teens. But the documentary witnessed each of them having different attitude in front of the camera.

Documentary critic

A British critic has also described the group of boys as “anarchic”, but it is seen that the five of them hardly say anything of interest. But the group of five looks charming and great in the documentary. It was also stated that Liam Payne has defined the group as ‘proper’.

End of all, the documentary was a huge success and has witnessed some great scenes. Plus it was loved by the audience, who also liked the performances and act of all the five.

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