Are Amazon Web Services up to the Mark?

With Amazon launching its web services, there has become a strong point of discussion as to the exact use & place of Amazon’s technology in the world of cloud computing. According to reports, there was a lot of scepticism during its initial launch; however it has slowly & gradually died off. According to reports, the launch of the web services by Amazon was taken by surprise and this surprise is what led to the scepticism that followed. The reviews as well as the statements pertaining to its launch were mixed with pessimism as well as optimism; however the situation has started settling. Amazon being a company having literally no or less knowledge related to cloud computing and the technology of the line has come way ahead of what was expected.

Amazon Web ServicesMoving up by Beating the Odds

For applications that are related to production, IT organizations need enterprise characteristics and these characteristics are possessed in depth by Amazon and this is owed to the amazing resources that are employed for a variety of tests as well as dev. This implies and states clearly that the developers are the only ones that find the value of the AWS propositioning compelling. However according to the statement as given by Amazon, when it is time for implementing computing, the applications that are compelling would either be hosted within the organization or would be placed for handling with a separate hosting provider so as to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation.

Looking at the Basics

The demotion of the Amazon web services towards the developer side is not a given. There is a false perception that the Amazon web services caters to provide services to unreliable and inexpensive computing power breaks the reality of the market. A variety of organizations play a major role in running production applications in Amazon web services & the reason behind it is the attraction by the easy access to these services as well as affordable pricing which has opted the nature of pay upon utilization of services. The acceptance of Amazon web services in production applications can also act as a testament to hardships, application factions are facing when trying to shift workloads out from the process of development & into actual production.

Are Amazon web services being utilized effectively?

There is a strong debate for the fact behind the reason based on which various companies are opting for Amazon web services, especially in case of production applications. A strong indication suggests that the reason behind the same is the mere fact that these companies want to position applications that are designed as well as built to suit its characteristics. When it comes to the fact as to the main applications for which AWS is suitable, it includes application factions that are leveraging Amazon web service’s unique features to bring into effect applications that are essentially beyond belief for a variety of traditional infrastructures that deploy Information Technology at their core. These applications that are provided utilize approximately hundreds and thousands of machines.

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