Advantages Of Using Promotional Keyrings For Marketing Your Brand

Advantages Of Using Promotional Keyrings For Marketing Your BrandPromotional keyrings are considered as preserve of this industry and most of us atleast have one on our set of keys. They are usually small tokens that are given to the existing or old clients to encourage them  to use your brand or continue with their product patronage. Whether its from an apparel company or beverage products, these keyrings have turned out to be very effective in promoting a brand name and increasing brand awareness.

Promotional Keyrings – A Popular Promotional Item 

There are mainly two reasons behind the popularity of  customised keyrings as a promotional item – practicality and visibility. These two features work hand in hand. The more practical an item is, the more chances are there of using it so the more the promotional product will come to the notice of people.
Over the years, the promotional keyrings have also developed a practical side and evolved from just key holders to photo frames, bottle openers and they have become a frequently used item. As they are so visible, they are considered an attractive item for promotional purposes. They are available in a number of designs and that makes it a more preferred item used for promotion.

Promotional Keyrings Fall under the Category of Most Utilised Items for the following Reasons:

1. Longer Brand Exposure: 

Though TV advertisements are considered  a lucrative method of promoting your brand but they are forgotten after sometime. On the other hand, promotional keyrings remain for a long time with clients and remind them of the availability of a brand in the market. When you compare the number of times your clients see a promotional keyring and a television ad, you can easily determine which method is more beneficial and offers more brand exposure.

2. Money Saver:

A promotional gift proves to be worthy for your clients when it serves as a money saver. Almost everyone requires a key holder in their homes. When they receive such a helpful item as gifts, it saves a few bucks. This is really appreciating on the part of the customers. Every time they use their keys while opening their door, it reminds them of your brand.

3. A Practical Item:

Apart from holding keys, keyrings are used as can and bottle openers, letter openers, emergency torches and other purposes depending on the design of the promotional keyring.

4. Evoke Brand Recall:

Promotional keyrings should be functional and presentable enough to create an impression among your clients. A number of designs are available in promotional keyrings. Use your creativity to make a simple item into a promotional treasure.

Advantages Of Using Promotional Keyrings For Marketing Your BrandPromotional keyrings are not at all a season specific give away item like clothing or travel accessories. It can be gifted to your employees or clients during any part of the year. Another important feature of these promotional items are that the company name or logo can be beautifully inscribed on them. Leather or metallic keyrings carry engraved imprints on them and they lasts for a long period of time.

Though they are small in size, these items have great amount of promotional potential. Consider them for your upcoming marketing venture and see the difference.

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