A Promising Destination To Study MBA Abu Dhabi

A Promising Destination To Study MBA Abu DhabiMasters of Business Administration has been the most sought after post-graduation course all over the world. While Europe, the United Kingdom and United states have topped the charts for MBA destinations, Abu Dhabi is emerging as the London on the east. Management Gurus have been highlighting Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the next big study place for all those who live in the Middle East and other neighbouring countries.

For MBA Abu Dhabi there has been a 40% increase in the students coming from UAE and other major applicants are from different countries spread across the world. The duration of the regular MBA program is about two years and that of the executive MBA program is 20 months. The fees for a full time MBA, cost around £25000 and above. Institutions offering management programs also provide instalment facilities for imparting tuition fee in an easy way to help self-funded MBA aspirants.

Management Institutions in Abu Dhabi need the candidate to have a TOFEL score and those who have appeared for the GMAT will be preferred as GMAT checks the reasoning and verbal ability of the applicant. There are full-time MBA courses, Part time and Flexible management courses available in Abu Dhabi. Applicants with outstanding performance and high scores in Under Graduate program and experience can also try for Scholarship for the MBA Program. Application to the program is filled online with personal details and test scores and years of Experience.

The MBA Abu Dhabi Curriculum Includes up to 25 elective subjects with MBA project, Interaction with Real companies along with Marketing Achievement, Financial Management, Operations Management, and managing people in an organization. Another module of the MBA programs includes Strategic Management, Consultancy in Practice and Evaluation of the strategy and learning the International Environment. The MBA Abu Dhabi puts personal development as the foremost lesson for students who not only aspire to become great entrepreneurs but also build organizations on firm principles and thereby help the world economy.

Abu Dhabi is not only a business centre but has a strong economy which attracts young business graduates to learn more and strengthen their entrepreneurship qualities. The Masters of Business Administration is designed to enhance management and leadership skills in an individual along with a high level of decision making. With growing economies throughout the world, and evolving strategies, MBA Abu Dhabi has been able to produce Managers who are not just efficient, but also have adopted to technological advancement and changing economic scenario, which has helped them work with the global standards.

The Academic richness of MBA Abu Dhabi competes with international Business Schools. With experienced teachers and industrialists coming over and sharing their ideas, struggle and win over the operating environment, the course gives the true insight about business. The dynamic and the evolving learning process teaches participants to think analytically so that business challenges can be easily dealt with. Indeed, The MBA program is rewarding and personifies the individual for the projects and job ahead.

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