5 Great Ideas for Edible Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts needn’t just be confined to stationery and gadgets. If you’re looking to really make an impression with your promotional gifts, consider opting for edible ones that will delight the recipient.

Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association suggests the majority of corporate gifts sent at Christmas is food or drink-related, but the truth is that you can send these presents at any time of year! Here are our picks of some of the best.

1) Chocolate

If there’s one type of food you can’t go wrong with when it comes to corporate gifts, it has to be chocolate. You can give chocolate-themed gifts in a variety of ways – as a set of miniature versions of classic bars, in a sleek tin or as part of a luxurious hamper featuring other kinds of goodies too, which would be a particularly fantastic option for special occasions like Easter or Christmas.

You should be able to personalise the packaging to feature your firm’s branding and contact details to really make your gift work for you and keep your company in the mind of the recipient for a while (or at least for as long as they still have some chocolate left!).

2) Sweets

Keeping with the confectionery theme, sweets are another gift that is practically guaranteed to please the recipient, whether it’s a client, supplier or another trusted partner. Again, there’s no need to present just a bag of toffees or jelly beans – instead, you can buy stylish personalised promotional tins that keep the sweets neat and tidy, or even a hamper packed with sugary treats.

Sweets could be a particularly good corporate gift to send on a birthday or the anniversary of a major event, such as the establishment of your/the recipient’s company. Of course, as everyone likes sweets, there’s no reason why you can’t send them for no specific reason!

3) Wine and champagne

Alcoholic gifts are definitely best reserved for really special occasions, such as saying thank you for the awarding of a major contract. You could buy a particularly good bottle of bubbly or wine, or go all out with a boozy hamper also featuring chocolates and other goodies.

It’s worth bearing in mind that while many hampers can’t really be personalised, you can send a special business card with it to ensure the recipient knows who it’s from. So, be sure to invest in a decent stack of cards – or produce a special one-off card – to provide that finishing touch.

4) Cheese and port

This is the option to consider if you know your intended recipient is more of a savoury than sweet person, or if you simply want to go for something a little different and/or sophisticated. Cheese and port go together spectacularly well, so it’s difficult to resist a hamper containing both!

The port and cheese are usually accompanied by crackers, too, so it really is a complete gift. Again, it’s best to send a business card with your cheese and port hamper to really keep your brand at the forefront of the recipient’s mind.

5) A little bit of everything

If you can’t decide on a specific treat or would like to invest in a truly special corporate gift, a deluxe hamper containing all sorts of delicious things is the way to go. You could opt for a savoury hamper containing cheese, wine, biscuits and pate or something with a variety of goodies, such as chutneys and toffees.

This sort of hamper is ideal for Christmas, but can also be put to good use as a thank you gift for help with a major project or a client who has been with your business for an especially long period of time.

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